3 Simple Ways to Boost Your Home’s Curb Appeal



Many of us spend an age focusing on the insides of our homes. 


We decorate our living rooms, mix and match the colors and styles that please us and keep our interiors spotlessly clean. But what about the outside? Especially during those times when we spend less time in the yard or garden (we are thinking of the autumn and winter specifically), we might focus less on the exterior.


However, focus on the outside of our homes we must. By enhancing the curb appeal, we will feel happier when we return home from work each day, give our neighbors less to complain about when they’re looking in the direction of our home, and improve our properties resale value, too.


With the above in mind then, here are some tips on boosting your home’s curb appeal.


1. Paint everything


Well, not everything. While painting the grass in your garden in rainbow colors might seem like an innovative idea, you will only end up causing yourself an injury while stooping over every blade, and you won’t be doing the health of your grass any favors, either. You know this, of course, and you know that what we are really referring to are the walls of your home, the fence around your perimeter, and also your garage. A fresh paint job will make these parts of your home stand out, and will cover up any areas that have become faded and weathered with time. For the best results, bring in residential painters for your exterior walls, and then make like Tom Sawyer and encourage your family and friends to help you with your fences.


2. Focus on your front door


Your front door is the focal point of your home’s curb appeal, so it’s important to pay it special attention. You might want to give it a new blast of color, perhaps in a shade that will contrast nicely with the colors you have chosen for your walls. Make the door fixtures shine with a layering of metal polish, and then hang a wreath or some other type of decoration on your door for further aesthetic appeal. Be sure to think symmetrically too. Flanking your door with twin lanterns or other matching pieces at either side of the door will also prove pleasing to the eye for you and your visitors. 


3. Install lighting around your exterior


We have already mentioned door lanterns, but what about illuminating your path with solar lights? Or how about adding accent lighting to your trees and shrubbery? When you have done with your Christmas fairy lights, you might also want to drape them around your front door or any other relevant area of your home’s exterior. Outdoor lighting can instantly boost your home’s curb appeal during the darker nights, and it can illuminate those areas of your yard or garden that you want to show off to others. Check out these lighting ideas for further inspiration. 




There are all kinds of other ways to boost your home’s curb appeal, of course. If you do have a garden, you should plant those flowers that will provide a beautiful and colorful display. You might want to have a general tidy-up too, as a clean porch and driveway can do much to improve the curb appeal of your home. Research other ideas online, as both your family and your neighbors will benefit from your efforts if you do.


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