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6 House Cleaning Hacks You Wish You Had Known Sooner


Like it or loathe it, your home needs to be cleaned. It can be lots of cleaning if you have a pretty large home, or only a small amount if you have a small apartment. But the jobs still need to be done. The good news is that there are plenty of hacks and tips and tricks that can make cleaning simpler and much quicker for you.  Gone are the days of having to spend hours on end cleaning the home. Little and often, using a few new hacks, can make such a difference and save you plenty of time. Curious? Read on to find out some great home cleaning hacks.



Soft bristles of a paintbrush can clean and dust numerous objects.  The can get into corners, cracks, and crevices of moldings and trims near your ceilings or on your furniture.  They work well for dusting delicate figurines and knick-knacks.  Clean, dry, soft-bristled paint brushes are the perfect thing for cleaning dusty or linty screens.  Smaller, art paint brushes make quick work of keeping keyboards and buttons on other electronics clean.



Dryer Sheets

If you use dryer sheets when you dry your clothes, then even after they’ve been used, they can be used as a great cleaning tool around the house. Take something like dusting, for example. A duster can just push the dust around and not really clean. Dryer sheets pick up and hold onto the dust, so it is really lifted off and clean. They can also be used for cleaning mirrors or wiping baseboards.



When life gives you lemons, make sure you are using them to clean in a natural way around your home. They can be used down a garbage disposal to stop smells (a great trick before guests arrive), as well as used with baking soda to clean sinks and remove limescale. Lemon oil is a great general cleaner as well, so can be added to a spray bottle of water.



If you have a spare toothbrush, then it can work wonders to help tiles look like new again. They can scrub and clean the grout much better than a sponge would. This is great for dirty floors or bathroom tiles. Sound too tedious?  It might even be worth looking at getting flooring that is a little more low maintenance, such as polished concrete, for example. It requires minimal requirements for upkeep, as a broom and a mop will be all that you need to keep the floor clean.


Vinegar and Water

White vinegar is a wonderful natural cleaner to have in the home. It can be used for many things too, such as used down a drain with baking soda to clean and unclog the drains, as a degreaser for cabinet doors and floors in the kitchen, as a counter spray for disinfecting (mix 1:1 with water in a glass spray bottle and add essential oil as desired), as well as used for cleaning blinds. Blinds can be tricky to clean, but an old sock on your hand, dipped in an equal mixture of vinegar and water can lift the dirt right off your blinds. If you’re not too keen on the smell of vinegar, then add a few drops of your favorite essential oil to the mix as well.


Baby Oil

For things that are stainless steel in your home, perhaps like your kitchen sink, stove top, or splashback, using baby oil to buff it up after it has been disinfected can be a great way to give it a good shine. If you have children then it is something you likely already have in the house – winning.

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