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If you have ever read Proverbs 31, you have probably compared yourself to this woman.  Many teachings show how she was more than “just a wife and mother”.  She was an entrepreneur, industrious, spent time seeking to bless others and make wise business decisions.  Others take time to show how being a wife and mother is the extent of our calling and we shouldn’t seek to do or be more.  While I see both sides to this teaching and thinking, I feel we should come away encouraged that we can influence and make a difference in more than just our own homes and families.  There are times and seasons, and above all, we should look to the Lord.  But, that doesn’t mean it is easy. Despite all of our modern conveniences, we struggle to do-it-all. Wife, homemaker, mother, homeschooler, and more.  Finding hacks and tips to pursue these callings can keep us from feeling like we’re swimming upstream.  Balancing Diapers and Deadlines is a great source for those helps.  Lisa Tanner Writing is where you will find this ecourse, from a mama right there with you – a homeschooling mama balancing both sides.



You may have read that title and figured it wouldn’t be of help to you if you are like me and no longer have children in diapers.  But you would be wrong.  The youngest of our six children is nearly 9, and I picked up a lot from the lessons.  Some things may not have been new, but I had let them slip. Others were such a new way of looking at something that is was like a light bulb, aha!  With some lessons, there are pdfs to download, but most just require you to put into action the technique that was just explained.  Small, easy steps, the best way to make a change.

If you have any sort of responsibility beyond homeschool wife and mother, you will find benefit in Balancing Diapers and Deadlines.  The author’s family is like ours, a homesteading family.  Just the hints related to being flexible with your schedule and what you need to accomplish each day are a big help.  It is so easy to get in a rut and then feel completely lost when something shakes up your day.



In some ways, the ecourse, Balancing Diapers and Deadlines is similar to many online courses I have come across.  Once you are set up and signed in, you have a menu of the lessons to work through.  You can mark a lesson complete and keep track of what has been done.  You can navigate easily to the next or previous lessons without returning the menu.  There is flexibility to accomplish a lesson day or one every two days or longer.  With each lesson, there is an action step – you know, homework.  Sometimes, that means emailing the author with an update.  I love that you can reach out if you need help or stay as anonymous as you want, working through on your own.  Lisa has really made this a very flexible course to work through.

What differs here is that the lessons are typically short and easy to fit into stolen moments throughout the day.  They are often referred to as baby steps, and that is a very appropriate term.  You may be taking this ecourse because you just cannot see how to begin with keeping up with both areas of your life, business and family.  You may simply need a reminder of the tools you have at your disposable.  Your needs will determine if you skip some lessons or move more slowly through others.

One area of difference that stands out, is the lack of a video or audio component.  So much of what we consume in the way of audio or video can become background noise.  Perhaps I feel this way because I am not an audio learner.  One of my daughters is very much an audio learner.  She can recite large portions of books simply because she has listened to them.  I need to read something for it to stick better.  I really appreciate that these lessons require me to read them.  I also appreciate that there many ways of learning, and I hope that the author will add audio to each lesson for greater benefit to all mamas.

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