Buy Or Build? Big Home Decisions That Need An Answer

When you start a family, there is always a risk that you will outgrow the home that you live in. It is an inevitability when you are raising a large family to take care of. Even though you may not want to leave the home that you have spent a lot of time making memories in, it’s time to move forward in life.  Being able to sell your home and move to another is a good thing. As you start looking at new homes, the question of whether you should build your home or buy a newly built property may come up. On the one hand, it may be cheaper and easier to wait for a plot of land to have a house built on it. On the other hand, you can buy a ready-made one faster than waiting for a build to be completed.

The cost of housing is rising and while it peaks and troughs over the years, it doesn’t help you when you need to start looking for a new home right now. House prices are on the increase, and there is also the chance that you may not like any of the homes that you go and view. If you’re feeling picky about the houses that are on the market, then you have the option to build your own and work with an architect to get it exactly the way you want it. Considering all the costs that are involved in buying an entirely new, modern home with all the space that you want, which is the better option for you: buying a home, or building one? Let’s explore both.

Building Your Home.

It’s always a consideration to buy an existing house that is a little weathered and needs some fixing over the cost of a new build with all the modern conveniences. However, you could find yourself pleasantly surprised about how little it could cost you to build a home from the ground up with some planning. Building firms always want to keep their crews working, and you can sit down with builders and dictate exactly what it is that you want from them and how you want your home to look. This isn’t a luxury that you get when you buy a newly built home. You get to be the person to choose companies like for the foundation building of your home to other companies that deal with the roofing and insulation of the main house. It’s all down to how you want the house to look and the quality of the materials used.  You get to have a big say in all the decisions pertaining to your new house.

It can come with a lot of opportunities to save some cash and while you don’t have to know the ins and outs of building a home, you can find the experts who do know to do it all for you. Interior designers can work with you to figure out the layout of the home, but with most building packages you get to choose the cabinetry, flooring and light and plumbing fittings as part of the total amount you will spend. The advantages to building your own home include:

  • You receive discounts on some materials when you work with direct suppliers.
  • Everything in the property is untouched and imagined by you and your family. No one else has lived there and you’ve tailored the whole house to your own personal needs and tastes.
  • You can make green decisions, especially on things like the electricity and heating/cooling systems. You can choose the system that you use for air conditioning and decide how to provide energy.
  • You are in total control when it comes to the design of the home which means that when things need upgrading, it’ll be much later on.
  • The property itself is well suited to your needs – homesteading considerations such as livestock pastures, orchard locations, and kitchen gardens are up to you to decide.

Buying A Home.

It is an option that is attractive to people because of the fact that there is a ready-made house sitting there = you can move in right away. You won’t be living on a building site, you won’t have to wait for work to be completed so that you can use your own bathroom and you still get some control over the way your home looks. The house that you buy doesn’t have to be the perfect home, because you can make changes and upgrades as you want to do them. You also get the luxury of being able to take your time when it comes to making those changes because you can wait and save for the things that you want for your new house. The trick to finding the right home that is ready to move into is looking at the space, not the décor when you attend a viewing. There may well be some tacky designs on the market, but that doesn’t mean it has to stay that way! Refusing to buy a house based on the personal design of other people could cause you to lose a beauty of a house.  Look beyond the design and look at the space, or the “bones” of the structure. Here are some of the best pros to buying a house:

  • You get the chance to flip the house later on if you need to make a profit and sell up. Once you have done that you can roll over the profit to a better house.
  • You get the luxury of time when it comes to making upgrades because you don’t need to make them straight away. Your house is already standing and you’re living in it.
  • You can move in quite quickly. Once your offer has been accepted and the house has closed, it’s not a huge amount of time before you can move in.
  • You can get to know the neighborhood, which means you know the value of the homes around your new one.

Whether you choose to build or buy, you get to have a home that has your name on the deed. Choose the best option for your wallet and your family and you will find success in your future.

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