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Crazy Creative Ways To Sell Up Fast


There comes a time in every homeowner’s life when they need to sell their property and move out. For you, the house might not be big enough for your growing family, or too big as your children are grown, or not be a good fit for your homeschooling needs. Don’t sit around and overthink this and that – be proactive and get it on the market ASAP.


Just because it has a “for sale” sign in the front doesn’t mean it will grab anyone’s attention. It might and it might not; that’s the way of the industry. To sell up fast, the property has to stand out from the crowd.  Here are some crazy creative ways to do just that.


Tell the Story

When you are selling something that has played a part in history, it has a story to tell.  Whether that something is an old military uniform, a piece of furniture, or even your home, it has a story.  Your job is to tell it and share it in an interesting way.  The history may not be well-known, but with some creativity you can make it interesting.  If you end up with more fiction than history do be sure to disclose that.  Making false claims could be a crime.


Try Before You Buy


Purchase anything and there is an element of doubt involved. Is this going to work? Will it be value for money? Imagine those fears multiplied by ten when tens of thousands of dollars are concerned. At least with a car, you get to try before you buy. Well, you can do the same with a house if you are trustworthy and have an extra place to stay for the weekend. Invite interested parties with doubts to test out the home and get a feel for the house. If they are torn, a slumber party might be all the encouragement they need.



Architect’s Approval


A buyer is not always going to believe your version of events. When repairs or major remodeling has been done, buyers want to know the work is sound.  When it comes to surveying a property, they want someone who is unbiased and skilled at the same time. They also want contemporary architects that understand the latest design trends. Essentially, they need peace of mind if they are going to sign on the dotted line, and you should pay for it. Hiring a surveyor or architect is a small gesture which proves there is nothing to hide.


Throw In A Freebie


Along the same lines, a freebie can sweeten the deal and make it seem like a better offer. Who doesn’t enjoy a free present? The answer is no one, including the potential buyers of your home. The trick is not to go overboard price wise but to make sure it adds value. Anyone moving to a big city where there is plenty of public transport might throw in the family car at a knockdown price. As silly as it seems, you won’t need it anymore. If you are selling a farmstead, offering the livestock and/or equipment as your incentive could make the difference in selling sooner.  These things have value and that might be the amount it will cost if the property doesn’t sell quickly.



Go To Auction


Foreclosed properties aren’t the only ones you’ll find at an auction these days. In 2018, an absolute sale has a variety of homes and buildings which go for various prices. Auctions are risky, which is why you’ll need to understand a few things first. For example, absolute sales have a large volume of attendees and no reserve price. Although it could go for less than the asking value, the competition between bidders should start a bidding war. Check out the rules here.


Selling a house isn’t about the status quo. It’s about thinking outside of the box to catch a buyer’s attention.

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