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The Day We Ate Too Much (AKA Eat Like a Hobbit Day)

Last Monday, December 19th, was the official “Eat Like a Hobbit Day”.  “Sounds like fun,” you may be thinking to yourself.  “Eating more frequently is good for your metabolism, so it must be healthy for you to do.”  We thought we’d give it a go, the children and I.

We thought about what we’d like to have.  Some of our regular things, definitely supper with Daddy, and a few treats.  Easy enough, right?  “I’ll take pictures and blog about it!”  The children groaned at the last part.  I don’t take pictures of everything….

We started our day like any other Monday–dragging.  Something quick and easy was needed for “First Breakfast”.  A slice of homemade bread smeared with Nutella was the perfect choice.

A few hours later, we were much more awake.  Many chores had been checked off our list.  It was time for “Second Breakfast” and something more substantial–oatmeal.  To add some fruit, we stirred in frozen blueberries.  This also turned our oatmeal purple–much to the delight of some of the children.

Much too soon it was time for “Elevensies”.  I am sure a Hobbit would have consumed much more at this “meal” time, but all we could handle was some fruit.  We had a selection of Cuties (clementines) and Honeycrisp apples.

A bit after our regular lunch time, we realized we needed to eat or we would fall behind.  For “Luncheon”, we decided our regular Monday lunch would be good-quesadillas.  Normally we have this with carrots and some fruit.  Today, all we could manage was the quesadilla.

We had barely finished with “Luncheon” when it was time to prepare for “Afternoon Tea”.  The kettle was put on for tea.  The youngest children were put down for naps–with full little tummies.  To go along with our tea, we had a peanut butter scotcheroo (this recipe with some modifications).

Now the day was quickly drawing to a close.  We had accomplished very little.  The main chores, a bit of reading aloud, but nothing extra.  We had to hurry to fit two more meals into our “stuffed” day.  We ate “Dinner” as soon as our afternoon chores were finished.  What had been 3 slices of leftover pizza was cut and heated to become “Dinner”.

While eating my “Dinner”, I prepared our “Supper”.  Daddy would be home soon, we could not eat late.  Something quick and easy was on the menu–smoked sausage, colcannon and carrots.  I was feeling so full and sluggish.  I normally love preparing this meal; everything smells so good as it cooks.  I just wasn’t feeling it today.  I was so ready to be finished with this day of eating, I forgot to take a photo as I plated it up.  This put-together photo should give you an idea.

Throughout the day, my children initiated conversations on on how time consuming it was to prepare to eat all day.  How very blessed the Hobbits must be to have so much food.  They theorized that there must have been some sort of meal sharing arrangement, one person cooks for several for one meal, then another cooks for the group for the next.

We were very full and I hope appreciative of the blessing we have in having more than enough to eat.  Eat Like A Hobbit Day can be fun, filling and thought provoking.  You should check into for next year–it should be quite timely with the new Hobbit movie opening around the same time.

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