A Dipping lunch for a dripping day…..

About the same time we were thinking “Time to make something for lunch” the thunder started.  A nice storm was blowing in — complete with power outages.  Our power tends to go out when storms are 20-30 miles out.  It doesn’t usually stay out long, but it does interfere with cooking and baking.  We decided to have something different for lunch, something uncooked and fun!

 We cut up peppers, cukes and apples for dipping.  We also had carrots on hand.  The three oldest girls (11, 9, and 7) did most of the work.  Their 6 year old brother was in charge of the carrots.  ;D  I was in charge of the dips — I had the easy job.

Hootie Doot is great for dipping vegetables.  I poured it straight from the bottle into the little cups for each child.  Dipping your lunch is much more fun with your own cup of dip!  You can add the Hootie Doot to sour cream (we use yogurt) or cream cheese for a different dip.

We also had a bit of Fruity Doot in the fridge – just enough for two.  I have had Fruity Doot with fruit — usually berries and pinapple as a dip.  The girls used it for their vegetables – one did try an apple dipped in it.  It wasn’t bad, but she saved the rest of her apples for the other dip I made.

I had almost a cup of yogurt left (homemade so I bit more liquid) and thought it would be good with peanut butter for dipping the apples into.  I ended up adding about the same amount of peanut butter.  I could have used my Peanut Butter Powder from our food storage.  Since the jar was nearly empty, I decided to finish it instead.  It tasted pretty good so I decided to add a drizzle of maple syrup to make it even better.  Why settle for good when you can have great?!

So what did you have for lunch?

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