Does Your Garden Need a Pond


When you picture a pond, you might imagine something large and decadent, filled with fish and water plants. A massive pool of water, in a large flowing garden, surrounded by pretty colors and luscious lawn. It might not be something that you think could fit in your own back garden. But, there’s absolutely no reason why you couldn’t add a pond to your outdoor space, however much you have and whatever your budget. With the right maintenance and parts like Tsurumi submersible pumps, your pond could last for a long time, increase the value of your home and improve your garden tremendously. Let’s look at some things to ask yourself if you are wondering if you need a pond?



Is It a Large Open Space?


If you have a large garden, a pond can be an excellent addition. If you have a big open space that needs filling, there’s no better way to do it than with a pond. Whether it’s decorative or a home for fish, your pond will fill your space and give greater purpose to your garden. 


Is Your Garden Small and Cramped?


Alternatively, if your garden is tiny and you wish you had more space, a pond, or a smaller water feature can be ideal. Water is a reflective surface and works like a mirror to make areas look larger. Water also makes things more refreshing and cool, which again, increases the space. 


Do You Want to Relax Outdoors?


Do you find it hard to relax and unwind? Do you feel as though you are often stressed out, and that you have trouble managing your tension? If so, a pond, with a water feature can be ideal. Running water can be exceptionally relaxing, and you’ll love spending afternoons and warm early evenings lying by your water, listening to the sounds. 


Could You Keep Your Children Safe?


If your children are very young, you might want to wait for a few years before adding a pond, unless you can place it in a restricted area. Stick to shallow features that are safe until they are old enough to understand the dangers of deep water and able to protect themselves. 


Do You Want to Add Focus?


Is your garden an ample space without focus? Do you have random plants and flowers, without any cohesion or theme? Does it look a bit of a mess? A pond can make a great feature and give your outdoor space fresh focus. It can bring everything else together.


Do You Have Time to Commit?


Ponds are easy to look after and keep clean. But, you do have to put some effort in. The amount of effort and time you are willing to commit should influence the decision on what water feature you should add. 


Would You Like to See More Wildlife?


Your garden might already attract bees and the odd bird, but if you’d like to see other insects and animals, adding water is the best way to do it. 


Would You Like to See More Sun?


Again, your pond is reflective. It will increase the natural light in your garden, and if it’s positioned right, even your house.


Now that you have decided on a pond (and you have, right?), you need to figure out what size and style and method of installation.  The answers to the above questions are a great place to start in determining the details.

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