Essential Items For Your Family Kitchen


There are many essentials that you should stock your kitchen with if you want to have a smoother, more efficient cooking experience. You typically start to think about all the equipment you need (beyond appliances), for example, pots, pans, utensils, good knives, etc. And while these are important, there are also plenty of other items which are often missed until they are needed, which are essential in a kitchen with children. 

Here are some of the most essential items for your family kitchen. Affiliate links may be present.



Understandably, the kitchen is the place where lots of mess is created, especially if your children are young, or like to get involved in the cooking and baking. With children, a mess is inevitable, which is why the right kind of linens is essential. They are perfect for cleaning up all types of messes while helping you save money, time, and the environment by reducing paper towel usage. Absorbent cotton towels, cloths, and napkins are the best kind, as they are great for soaking up liquids and are easily washed.  



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It is tempting to purchase tableware that looks nice, but it is not always practical for a family kitchen. You can of course purchase nicer items, but it is essential that you also purchase sturdy or hard-to-break items, including plates, cups, and cutlery, that can be used with your children and their friends. Even better if the items can be used safely in the microwave (not melamine) and dishwasher.  Earth-friendly, as well as kid-friendly tableware, is not a dream but easily available. You can then keep these items separate, and save the nice dishes for when you have meals with your friends.  




Cooking equipment


It is a great idea to stock your kitchen with cooking equipment that is suitable for children, such as smaller and plastic items.  Children love having their own tools – bowls, spoons, whisks, measuring cups, etc.  Getting your children involved in cooking is a great way for them to grow confidence, build essential life skills, and help their mental health. Smaller-sized waffle makers, griddles, and panini presses are great for making a variety of breakfast or lunch options.  When your child is independent and starting to be responsible, equipment like this makes it easy to turn them (mostly) loose in the kitchen. With children-safe items, you can get them involved and keep peace of mind that they are safe.  





Good organization is essential to your kitchen practices, to ensure that items that are sharp or breakable, are kept away from children. You can keep these on higher shelves that cannot easily be accessed, or use child safety locks which makes it difficult to get into the cupboard spaces. You can also assign certain cupboards that house all your children’s snacks and equipment, so they can still access the essentials and learn independence.  In the pantry have a box or bin that holds the ingredients they are free to use.  Cleaning up and putting away is also part of good organization.  Don’t separate this part of working in the kitchen.  When it is learned along with the more fun aspects it becomes less of an avoided task.



Basic Ingredients


As your children take an interest in making snacks or small meals for themselves, having basic ingredients on hand will make this possible.  Sticks of celery (already cut to size if they aren’t experienced enough to use a sharp knife unsupervised) and a jar of peanut butter are ingredients for a nourishing snack.  Flour, sugar, and butter need only a mixing bowl and willing hands (and in some cases a few more things like eggs or milk) to become a springboard for cookies, cakes, or pancakes.



Herbs and sauces 


Having yummy sauces on hand, such as Country Sweet Chicken & Ribs BBQ Sauce will always leave your whole family with something delicious to eat if there are ever any problems, or when you have unexpected guests over. You should also stock your kitchen with a range of herbs and spices, which means you can experiment with different meals, and add extra nutrition to your family’s meals, which aren’t too obvious and disruptive; this is especially ideal for fussy eaters. 


Many things are essential to a family kitchen that go beyond the appliances that you cook with. Making your kitchen a safe and inviting place for your children can make mealtimes a much smoother process, as well as keep your family happy and your kitchen space clean.

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