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First Form Greek from Memoria Press ~ Homeschool Crew Review

As my learners are getting older, and studying subjects that are not something I am able to teach, strong, reliable curricula is very important.  For higher level learning, we lean more toward Classical Christian Education.  Our eldest daughter has enjoyed learning Latin over the past 5 years or so and was ready to try a different language.  Because of the relevance to Scripture, she wanted to try Greek.  I know nothing of the Ancient Greek language or alphabet (except some of the letters that were on fraternity and sorority houses in college).  “It’s Greek to me!” has never been meant more literally.  Thankfully, Memoria Press provides the perfect solution in the First Form Greek Complete Set.


First Form Greek Complete Set Grades 7-12

All You Will Need

The First Form Greek Complete Set is truly all you will need for a multimedia, multisensory course in beginning Ancient Greek.  In addition to the student text and workbooks, the set has instructional DVDs, a pronunciation CD, and flashcards.  There is a Quizzes and Tests book (reproducible), a Teacher’s Key for them and a Teacher’s Manual to help you guide your learners.

Learning Greek is not for the faint of heart.  It is more rigorous than learning Latin was.  Memoria Press recommends their Greek Alphabet Book as a prerequisite.  We strongly agree with this.  My 10th grader has been studying Latin (two years is also a recommended prerequisite) but has not previously been exposed to Greek.  The completely different alphabet is taking some time to learn.  To be honest, we have not worked beyond the first lesson.  We will be utilizing the Greek Alphabet Curriculum then moving on.

Student Works Independently

We have looked through the materials and previewed a few lessons to get a good feel for the program.  The Student Text has the full lesson on two pages, while the Student Workbook covers each lesson over 5-6 pages.  The different activities are easy to break up to spread out over four days to cover one lesson per week.  Once the alphabet is learned well enough, this pace is very doable.  The video lessons we have checked out have been twenty minutes or less.  For the most part, the student works independently.  I listen to pronunciations and check the forming of the letters and will be present for quizzes and tests when my daughter is ready.  I noticed that in some lessons comparisons were made to Latin.  This is especially helpful to those familiar with Latin.

Learning First Form Greek

Memoria Press has a timeline for completing each of these Greek courses (Greek Alphabet Book, three optional levels of Elementary Greek, First Form Greek and A Primer of Biblical Greek).  Regardless of when the younger series is started, First Form Greek falls in the 8th grade year.  I think this minimum age is spot-on.  An especially bright, quick-learning sixth grader could complete the Greek Alphabet Book and begin First Form Greek as a seventh grader.  If the Alphabet Book were used as early as 4th grade, the Elementary Greek series would follow, then First Form Greek.  Or, at the other end of the spectrum, a forty-something adult could pick up First Form Greek and spend 1-2 months learning the alphabet and covering lesson 1.

Easy to Implement

If you or your learner has an interest in languages, and especially Biblical languages, Greek is one you will want to learn.  Memoria Press does a wonderful job of making this not only an easy to implement experience, but an enjoyable one as well.  We really enjoy the aspect of videos and audios to walk us through the lessons and practice the pronunciations.  We can work at our own pace and review as needed.  The First Form Greek Complete Set is also available with an Online Streaming option in place of the DVDs.

Memoria Press not only tackles Classical Languages, but has resources and curricula for many other subjects.  Their resources are from a Classical Christian Education point of view and are thorough in their instruction.  Other families of the Homeschool Review Crew have reviewed various resources.  To read the reviews, click the image below.

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