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It’s Time to Focus on Your Children’s Exercise Routine

Nowadays, kids tend to spend more time indoors taking part in activities that don’t require quite as much vigorous energy as a day of play outside. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Your kids don’t have to be outdoors at all waking hours to be happy and healthy. But you do need to make sure your little ones are getting sufficient exercise to maintain a healthy weight, be physically fit and to lead a full and happy lifestyle. It’s recommended that kids over the age of six get around one hour’s worth of physical activity each and every day. But how can you incorporate this into their lifestyle?

Well, the answer is to encourage them to engage in some sort of sport on a regular basis. Sports participation isn’t actually dropping in general, so there’s still a taste for sports out there. You just need to find the sport that your kid is into and guide them on the right path to pursuing it. This could mean attending training, classes, or other activities associated with the sport that will make their lives fun and interesting – the sport should be something they actively want to participate in rather than something they are being required to do.

The infographic on youth sports participation by Cisco Athletic below will give you a little insight into the kinds of sports kids seem to be enjoying at the moment and can, as a result, help give you some ideas of what your kids might want to try out too!

Infographic Design By Cisco Athletic

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