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Live a Simple Life Without Stress – my ReNewed Hope


My hope (and goal and plan) for this new year is to live a simple life without stress.  This where my word of the year, ReNew, comes in.  I need to renew my thoughts and dreams of all areas of home – keeping, making, schooling and steading.  To live more simply, I need to cut out what isn’t essential.  Not cutting out what is joyful or beautiful, but reducing clutter mentally and physically.  Without Stress, means streamlining the process and often making things myself, from meals to tools to schedules to natural remedies so they fit my family’s needs perfectly.  That means, getting back to basics in all those areas of home.

Live a Simple Life without Stress


I love getting the most “bang for my buck”.  I also enjoy learning – to do more for myself in pretty much all areas of life from homemaking to homeschooling to gardening and homesteading.  The Back to Basics Living Bundle is my absolute favorite bundle deal from last year – and it is back.  It’s been ReNewed for the New Year, too!

Jennifer and Bill Osuch, the lead team members over at Back To Basics Living Bundle, have included over 70 resources to help you get back to basics and will help you:

  • Cook from scratch using nourishing real food
  • Plant and harvest your own vegetables
  • Learn what it means to live a simpler life without stress
  • Create a wholesome, healthy food storage
  • Learn how to create and use natural remedies
  • Plus learn how to live a more frugal life, do more things yourself, manage a small homestead, and much much more!


If you were to buy each of these resources separately you’d pay over $800, but for this short sale it’s just under $30 — 96% off!

It’s a super deal, no doubt! But it’s more than a great deal, it’s the information that will help you start living simpler with less stress.

But it’s kind of like buying in bulk, there’s a ton of stuff and it can be overwhelming. That’s why they have created a getting started guide that will help you utilize the most relevant information to you so you can begin getting back to basics immediately.

The Back to Basics Living Bundle is only available for a few days: January 16-22

The Bundle has over 12 bonus offers that are exclusive to the bundle. Actually if you took advantage of just half the bonus offers you’d come out ahead. In other words, the bundle would be paid for by the savings from purchases made through the bonus offers.

I am an affiliate for this Bundle and have purchased an advance copy.  Over the next few days I will be sharing more about the resources I am using from the Back to Basics Living Bundle.

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