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Magic Stix Washable Markers ~ Homeschool Crew Review


Not a day goes by that art is not happening in our home.  Between the eight of us all, we create (masterpieces and messes), a lot.  Knowing that need to create, I hate to stifle it in my children.  But, I don’t always have the energy to set up a mess-free area or to clean up afterwards when the younger artists start creating.  When I find art supplies that not only work well, but clean up well, I get quite excited.  The Pencil Grip, Inc. has done it again with the new Magic Stix Washable Markers.  Not only are these markers washable, the colors are brilliant, too!  Easy-clean supplies my artists’ want to create with, rare indeed.



When we received our set of 24 Magic Stix, the first thing I noticed was the case for them.  It is clear, snaps close, and has a handle.  When my children were younger, this alone would have made these markers their favorite.  As it is, my 10 yo still refers to this as her “art case” as she carries it to the dining room or outside.  What my children noticed first?  All the bright colors – and some realistic browns and greens.  Nature and animals are frequent subjects for their art.  Having more than 1 brown and 2 greens is huge for markers for younger (and not so younger) ones.

Do you see that claim on the marker case?  “Won’t dry out for 7 days with the cap off.  Guaranteed!”  We put this to the test and found it to be wrong.  Not in the way you think; let me explain.  First, I was surprised at the difficulty we had in getting this test started.  Choosing which one was quite a debate in itself.  Apparently, they feel darker colors are wetter, so we needed a lighter color.  Who knew?!?  Now, all of the children were involved in choosing the color (or said it didn’t matter to them – teenagers!).  With (nearly) everyone involved in our scientific experiment, it should have been easy.  Set out marker, write a bit with it each day to check how dry it is getting.  Well, someone kept putting the cap back on it.  I finally had to leave a note beside saying “don’t touch”.  We left our marker on our dining room table.  This is the room where our wood stove is.  When it is cold/windy out, the fire can burn hot and be 100º+ in that part of the house.  We had a range of temperatures during our test, never below 70º.  The other thing with a wood burning stove, it is quite dry in our home.



I thought we might start seeing signs of drying out after a week or so.  We were so amazed to find day after day that the marker was just as fresh as the first day.  After 10 days we quit the test (they wanted to be able to use that color).  I am curious just how long the marker will last without its cap.  That will be a test for another day.

These bold markers might bleed through, be careful!

Unlike some markers, the color of the marks is just as bright and brilliant as the outside.  My children were thrilled with the range of colors in our set of 24.  There are usually 2-4 artists working at a time and there was little problem with them sharing this one set.  My older girls remarked on how well the tip works for broad strokes and details.  Often, when the supplies are intended for younger children, the tips are broader, but not so here.

We have found these Magic Stix from The Pencil Grip, Inc. to be fabulous for any artistic creations.  Check out other Crew families’ reviews by clicking the image below.

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