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Make Growing Older Easier With These Six Tips


We all know the stereotypes of getting older: declining health and reduced energy; creaking, aching knees and memory loss.  Getting older doesn’t have to mean spending the days in front of the TV with a blanket covering your lap.


Is this the image you have of being retired?  Yes, things will slow down a little bit. You may not have quite the amount of energy that you had in your 20’s and 30’s. Growing older does not mean that you can’t still be living your best life right into your 80s and 90s. Age is just a number, and by doing some of the things that we have shared below, you can help yourself stay in peak condition as long as possible.




  1.  Get Your Affairs In Order

Whether we have lots of it or none of it, money can be a significant cause of stress. As you get older, it is essential to minimize the stress in your life. By getting your affairs in order as early as possible, you will have one less thing to worry about.  This will also make things a lot easier for your family once you have gone.


  1. Learn To Cope With Change


Coping with change is an important life skill whatever your age. In the later years, changes will happen thick and fast. Some of these will be for the better, but some of them won’t be. The key is to learn to accept these changes and be positive. You do not typically have control over many of them, so don’t cause yourself undue stress. It is also important to acknowledge and express these feelings – perhaps think about keeping a journal or talking to a close friend.


  1. Keep Your Mind Sharp


Keeping your brain active is just as important, if not more so, as keeping your body functioning to prevent cognitive decline and memory loss. This can be done in many ways – learning a new game or skill, cooking, crosswords, and puzzles, or a trivia quiz from Triviawell, or doing something in a slightly different approach to normal. There are many classes available to seniors where not only is there the chance to socialize and make new friends, but to keep the mind sharp.


  1. Stay Connected


One of the biggest challenges of getting older is staying connected. Once you have retired from work, illness and life changes may have reduced your circle of friends and family. It can be easy to feel isolated or lonely.  Look for local classes and events to attend, or perhaps volunteer in your local community. The improvements in technology mean that it is easier than ever to stay connected with people, even from a long distance, so learn how to use social networks and video calling!


  1. Laugh


Laughing can make everything seem a little better. A sense of humor is a strong medicine, for both the body and the mind. The ability to laugh helps you to stay young at heart, whatever your age. Finding humor every day can help you get through the tough times.


  1. Stay Physically Active

Hopefully, we have developed a habit for exercise or daily activity earlier in life.  Sure there may be times of illness we let it slide.  Busy seasons of shuttling children to various activities means time for “our things” doesn’t happen as easily.  As we are closing in on our older years, it is time to be more intentional with our physical activity.  Gardening and walking are natural ways to move daily.  You can also have DVDs on hand with gentle, structured exercises for times you want something more formal.

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