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Mathletics from 3P Learning


Annual student subscription for 12 months is $59.00.  You can save an additional $10.00 by knowing the Human Calculator’s favorite number (9).  The people from Mathletics graciously allowed us a 6 week access for the purpose of this review.

Mathletics is a web-based subscription program.  It is customizable.  Your child creates an avatar that represents them during Mathletics Live play.  It is interactive, yet safe.  The Mathletics team does not communicate with your child.  Other users do not communicate with each other.  While competing against each other, it is not direct playing.  Your child can see the progress of others playing at the same time.  Those other children are children from around the world.  How cool is that!  Mathletics offers instant feedback.  There is also a neat feature where the concept can be explained and is illustrated step by step if your child needs that help.

One of my favorite features of Mathletics is the Parent Center.  I can receive weekly e-mails with my child’s progress.  I can change the level at which they are working.  This can be done a limited number of times throughout the subscription.  I can control how much ‘work’ is required before play.  They even have complete workbooks that can be printed for additional off-line practice.

All of my school-age girls participated during the review period.  They never did play on the Live portion.  Their favorite part was adding cool things to their avatar.  They also really enjoyed doing the math work.  This was surprising to me since they normally will do anything to get out of doing math.  If my girls are asking to do math every day, you know it must be good!

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