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Nature Friend magazine

As a member of The Old Schoolhouse (TOS) Crew, we have been blessed with many items to review for our homeschooling journey.  When I learned we would be receiving two months worth of Nature Friend magazine, we started watching for it in the mail.  We love nature studies and learning more about God’s creation so this was one product we could all use and enjoy.  My children currently receive their own copies of a nature magazine as a gift from their great-grandparents.  They excitedly devour these when each issue comes, then reread them until they are tattered. 

We have just as quickly devoured the Nature Friend magazine and have been rereading them ever since.  They are holding up very well due to higher quality paper.  The photography is beautiful.  The activities are fun.  The references to creationism are awesome.  The included scripture is superb.

The target age for Nature Friend magazine is 3rd grade or so and older.  Our eldest is a 3rd grader and all of the younger siblings are enjoying this as well.  The feature that includes submissions of art and poetry by readers included some from children as young as 4.  I really do not think there is a maximum age.  I have enjoyed reading Nature Friend immensely. 

Our issues contained the optional study guide.  They consisted of an extra 8-12 pages of activities, further research, photography tips and a writing lesson/prompts.  This guide is located in the center of the magazine and can be pulled out, copied for multiple children or kept intact with the magazine.  My daughter and I are exploring photography so we were most excited about this section.

Our two favorite activities were the Invisibles, a hidden picture activity, and the You Can Draw pages.  We started keeping Nature Journals as part of our homeschooling and many of the activities will be kept in the children’s binders.  Nature Friend magazine is not just about the beautiful photography or fun activities.  There are many wonderful stories and informative articles as well.  We noticed that some of the things we were reading  were written by children.  The readings were not ‘over-the-heads’ of my younger children nor were they dumbed down.  I believe firmly that our children understand things on a much higher level than we usually think they do.

I do not think Nature Friend magazine is limited to enjoyment by just homeschoolers.  Any family that has a love for creation will love this magazine.  A subscription for the magazine itself (12 issues) is $36 for 1 year or $68 for 2 years to US addresses.  Other options are available for addresses outside of the US of A.  The supplemental Study Guide is $24 for 1 year or $48 for 2 years.  This works out to be only $3 or $5 per month at the one year rate without or with the Study Guide.  I love the fact that my children can read this, learn about nature and be pointed towards God at the same time.  That other nature magazine they receive definitely is not from a Christian worldview.  If you would like to check out some samples you can find them here. 

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