Bright Ideas Press: Illuminations

Illuminations 1: Creation to the Resurrection Year One (grades 3-8) download $165 (CD-Rom $185)  (High School) download $95 (CD-Rom $115)Bundle (both levels) download $240 (CD-Rom $280) Our family received the download version of Year One for grades 3-8.  This includes a schedule for Early Learners … Read more

Mathletics from 3P Learning

Mathleticswww.mathletics.comAnnual student subscription for 12 months is $59.00.  You can save an additional $10.00 by knowing the Human Calculator’s favorite number (9).  The people from Mathletics graciously allowed us a 6 week access for the purpose of this review. Mathletics is a web-based subscription program.  … Read more