Preparing Your Home For 2019 – A Simple Guide



2019 is sure to be a wonderful year. If you are reading an article like this, it’s certain that you are a very intelligent, forward-thinking person who knows that preparation means everything. To help you get ready for the new year, we have decided to construct a list of excellent home maintenance tips.  These tips will help you ensure that any issues of this year are left in this year, and you are led into the new one with nothing but a beautiful home.


Why use the coming new year in this way? Because a deadline can motivate work on your part, and also help you take advantage of the fall and winter periods, where interior home maintenance is easier to get to. It might also be that before the real winter starts in January and February, you have a few more months to work on a few exterior home issues.


Winter Cleaning


Many people consider spring cleaning to be the official time of a home throwout and refresh, but why not conduct it now, or in the winter season? It can be a worthwhile time to do this now because often the pressure of decorating for the holidays and celebrating New Years can be exaggerated if you haven’t a clean, well-organized home in the first place. It is a great time to declutter to prepare for new belongings and gifts by throwing out or donating the old items you no longer need, or by simply rearranging your home. Who knows, reorienting your living room could provide more room for a proper Christmas tree this year, or perhaps taking care of that damaged wall in your dining room can allow you to fit more family around the table for Thanksgiving dinner. Winter cleaning habits can help you see in the new year without any outstanding home activities to take care of, and this can really take a load off your mind.


Exterior Lights


When the fall and winter come, so too do the hours of decreasing daylight. It’s likely you have noticed this. However, many of us often forget to check the integrity of the lighting around our property. This can be very important if you have your own driveway, or perhaps many means of access to your home that you cannot completely fence against. Lighting serves many purposes, especially floodlighting as we’re referring to here. When driving onto your property in the dark hours, you need to see where you’re going. Motion sensitive floodlights can provide that for you, giving you more view than your simple car headlights alone. On top of that, floodlights can also prevent trespassers from entering your property using the cover of darkness. Be sure to either replace or repair your floodlights, as during the summer months they may become susceptible to damage without knowing, and it’s best to take care of that problem now. It might be that exterior lights you usually use as a decorative piece in your garden may need to be removed and brought inside, as the colder months often draw us away from our gardens and into our homes, nullifying their use.


Spring and Summer Preparation


It’s important to at least think of spring and summer preparation now. Why? Because doing so can help you get ready for the next year’s responsibilities before they arrive. You may be planting bulbs for garlic or flowers.  Fall is also the perfect time for planting many trees – whether fruit and nut or decorative.  You can also take advantage of end-of-season deals on outdoor furniture or grills.  For example, now is the perfect time to strike a quick installation and good deal on a great air conditioning unit, as installed by more than competent HVAC contractors.  



It is worthwhile to winterize things that will go unused throughout the winter. The freezing and thawing of certain pipes, outdoor ponds, and even outdoor machines can impede their state of repair, meaning that covering these items from the elements, ensuring they stay used over time, and preserving them in each specific manner (like removing fuel, etc.) can be important to think of now. Consider the structure of your drainpipes, of the sealing on your windows, and of course the overall installation in your roofing. This can help prevent any damage, particularly when you come into the new year, the colder part of winter and the freezing/thawing temperatures that lend their pressure to each and every element of your home.


With these simple tips, preparing your home for 2019 is sure to be more than possible.  Don’t forget to add tasks for the spring to your planner or calendar as you close out this year and its activities.  

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