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Renovation Hacks to Save You Breaking the Bank


If you are looking to give your interior a little bit of a refresh, the chances are that you are already panicking about your budget. Renovations tend to be expensive in the first instance. As you begin to tot up all of your expenditure, the tradespeople you need and the cost of materials, a facelift for your home can become costly. However, it doesn’t have to be this way. It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to install a new kitchen, renovate the interior of your living room, or add an extension to the rear of your property, there are some nifty hacks that you can employ to save you from breaking the bank.



Plan First

This saying is often attributed to Benjamin Franklin: “if you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”  Regardless of who said it first, you should plan first.  Begin with the things that truly need replacing due to being unsafe or not properly functioning.  Then look to the things that would allow for better workflow.  Lastly, plan for those projects which are purely for want and form rather than function.  When you think of (and plan for) your project in phases rather one large whole, you can save on what is spent as well as set aside funds as you go.  Anytime you can avoid borrowing money, the better off you will be.




Paint is one of the quickest, easiest, and cheapest ways to change up a space.  You can not only paint the walls, floor, and trim moldings, but any cabinetry and new(old) furniture, too.  Unless you have specific colors to work with other elements, you can let the paint source determine your palette.  Most paint stores have a selection of custom tints that have been returned or items that were mis-tinted to the customer’s needs.  These unwanted paint cans can be the inspiration for your next project as well as save you from breaking the bank.



The flooring of your home often gets overlooked in the whole renovation scheme of things. You might consider replacing your plush carpet in your living room for a new deeper piled equivalent. However, don’t overlook the foundations of your flooring. If you are fortunate enough to live in a period home, you may have some original floorboards underneath that old patterned carpet of yours. If you do, consider sanding them down and varnishing them to create a sophisticated flooring for your home. If you don’t have these authentic features, don’t think that you can’t put them in. Consider heading to some lumber suppliers in your local area and choose some timber specific to floor trusses and boards. Adding these into your rooms can give you the period look that you are after. Floorboards can be cheaper to install than any carpet or engineered laminate.  




Your kitchen is the hub of your home. This is the room where you cook up a feast, where you monitor the kids doing their homework, and where you catch up with friends over coffee. Your kitchen cabinets need to be fit for their intended purpose. If you are struggling for space, your appliances are becoming unreliable, or your current configuration works against you, it is time to change things up. Cabinetry is usually the most expensive part of a kitchen remodel – when your order them new.  You can save a lot by making use of what you have.  Painting and refitting the hardware may be just the refresher your cabinets need.  Or, re-order and re-purpose the existing cabinets and change-up the layout.   Head to kitchen showrooms and check out the cheaper ex-display models or returned cabinets. These can be up to half of the recommended retail price of a brand new equivalent. You might not have as much choice when it comes to kitchen style, but you will end up with something totally unique.


Go Vintage

Forget about heading to a high-end furniture store to kit out your renovated rooms. Instead, consider reusing and recycling older, vintage furniture. Mid-century sideboards, nests of tables and tiled coffee tables are very on-trend. If you fancy a teak Danish tiled designer 1960s piece, you can pick these up surprisingly cheap from auction houses or thrift shops. Check out any interiors magazine and you will find Scandinavian inspired pieces adorning living rooms, bedrooms and dining rooms. Going authentic may sound expensive but you could end up with one of a kind pieces for less money than you think.


Forget about spending a small fortune and getting into debt in a quest to renovate your home. Follow this guide and refresh your humble abode on a budget.

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