Rustic Additions to a Beautiful Home



Rustic homes hold some of the most impressive character we’re likely to experience. It is beautiful to be in the presence of this. We can often feel when a house has memories, character, and stories to tell. Rustic is often a term that denotes rural life, and so picturing a home in this context can help you apply this decors style. You needn’t live in the oldest farmhouse to apply a rustic style. You can use its style elements to add character to a place.


There are some who feel that an exterior should determine the interior. While some kind of uniform style should be the ideal, you shouldn’t feel bad about trying to add a rural aesthetic to your interior if you live in a modern townhouse or apartment. Style is all about your personality and taste. You are free to do what you wish to do with your home. It is instructive to see that if the roles are reversed, people often celebrate modernizing old barn houses. That means these tips are more than appropriate for you to implement in your modern home, and they are sure to look great:


Distressed Furniture

Not all furniture has character. Modern constructed items, often needing to be assembled, can be quite soulless in their aesthetic, even with excellent build quality (after you’ve grappled with the instructions that is.) Unfortunately, while these items are often resoundingly useful for practicality, they also lack beauty. Luckily, acquiring distressed wooden furniture can help your room gain a sense of character, because the aged yet well-constructed quality of these items can look wonderful, and really fit into a room inspired by a certain period. These items can serve as wonderful frames, such as a chair back or a double post bed frame. You needn’t fill out a room with only distressed furniture, but a little addition here and there can absolutely make a difference in the long run.


Natural Coverings

The soft parts of your decor, draperies, furniture, pillows, rugs, etc. should convey that simple, comfortable aesthetic that is rustic.  Whether for dining chairs, throw pillows, or sofas, natural coverings should be used, at least to an extent – work with what you have.  Natural coverings include both leather and fabrics such as linen and trims or rugs of jute or sisal.  Even mixing in metal, such as galvanized or other dull finishes, works a touch of rustic into your decor.


Faux Beams

Faux beams are also an excellent addition. Installing simple beams against the ceiling – which needn’t be embossed or impressed into a ceiling actually, only attached or as part of a designed aesthetic, can help a room take on that old feeling of wooden construction.   The entire or ceiling can be paneled giving the appearance of aged wood.  This would be perfect for old barnhouse conversions or perhaps your garage space. This is of course a false addition without any support offered, but the aesthetic can truly look wonderful so long as they’re safely installed.


Natural Stone

This can be part of a fireplace or wall in the family room or backsplash in your kitchen.  Don’t have a large installation in the budget?  Accent furniture, like a small end table, or bookends or table-top decor are smaller easier ways of bringing in a rustic touch with natural stone.


Neutral Colors

Wall color, flooring (if you don’t go with a wood look), upholstery, and built-in shelves and cabinetry work best in a rustic setting when they are in neutral colors.  Soft white to ivory, tan to beige, and greys of all varieties help to set that cozy tone of rustic decor.  When the materials are natural and the colors are neutral, it will all work nicely, even if nothing is an exact match.



Perhaps the most important quality of a rustic aesthetic is the handmade quality of items that are often used to decorate. Handmade furniture has yet to die out, so here you should be in luck. Commissioning a special piece, consulting with a local carpenter or even trying to build it yourself in your own garage workshop brings that personal feel.  When using natural materials and neutral colors, the craftsmanship shows.


You don’t need to throw out everything and add all new furnishings and finishings.  Start with small accents and furniture pieces.  Add some of those faux beams or a textured rug.  Keep building the look over time – as you find interesting pieces and have room in your budget.  With these simple rustic additions to a beautiful home, you will love the aesthetic you have.

Your unique aesthetic, helping your home to shine, reflecting your personality from morning to night makes your home yours whether that is in an old barn or modern townhouse.  Take the ideas and make them yours.


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