See N Spell a TOS Crew Review

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My children are not natural born spellers.  They are always asking “how do you spell …..?”  They all love writing their own stories, so this can add up quite quickly.  We have a few dictionaries, but those can be quite overwhelming.  Occasionally, one of the children will look through one of the child’s dictionaries, with all of the pictures it can be fun — and distracting to the task at hand.  I had started writing a short list of possible words for each one as they began a new project.  This helped a little, but not always.  Some of the words they were asking for help with were repeats (commonly misspelled by adults, too, usually).  Enter the fabulous little spelling book, See N Spell.

The See N Spell book is only 40 pages, but packed with 300+ commonly used American English words.  The words are arranged alphabetically and then further broken down by part of speech.  If you have a general idea of how to spell the word, it is easy to find.  If you are looking for a specific word to fit certain criteria (part of speech beginning with a chosen letter, etc) to write a poem, etc. this guide makes it easy to find just the word to use.  There are no definitions or additional information, just a simple spelling guide.

The See N Spell guide is convenient and easy to use.  It is easy for my children to keep right with their work–you cannot do that with a thick dictionary.  The only improvement that I would make is that it be 3 hole punched to be stored in a binder–right with the child’s writing project.  The recommended age is 4th grade and older.  My children 2nd grade and older are using this quite successfully.  As they get older, it can help them to include some of those more difficult words they may have been tempted to not use (too long, too hard to spell, etc.).  Many people have a stronger spoken vocabulary than a written one.  Tools like the See N Spell can aid in using better, stronger words in all kinds of writing situations.
The See N Spell guide is available for $9.99.  With every See N Spell guide, you will receive a free See N Read Reading Tool.  The See N Read tool has been so well liked by my children (and argued over) that I am needing to purchase a few more.  They can be bought for $2.99 and up depending upon the size and quantity.
This tool is a thin flexible piece of plastic with a window.  What makes the See N Read different from other tools we have tried is the full width window.  Many reading tools have only a small window, exposing only a word or two at a time.  They are often solid around the window as well.  The unique design of the See N Read tool is tinted, but still transparent.  This helps the reader to focus on one line at a time, yet still fluently move ahead.  The size makes it easy to slip inside the book and serve as a bookmark as well.  My daughters like to keep the tool in their Bibles, making it easy to read the small, close print.
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As a member of the TOS Homeschool Crew, I received the products mentioned above for the purpose of this review.  I was not required to write a positive review; the opinions expressed are my own.

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