Simply Put: A Study in Economics by Catherine Jaime a review and giveaway

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I had economics in high school and even took a course in college.  I had to learn a whole new language and make sense of graphs that seemed to contradict each other.  I did well in both classes, but it is still a subject that I don’t truly understand.  I should amend that to say didn’t understand.  Since I have been reading through Simply Put: A Study in Economics by Catherine Jaime that has all changed.

In reading Simply Put, I learned about economics throughout history, not just in the here and now.  I never liked history when I was a younger student, but now, it is probably my favorite subject.  Seeing something and how it has changed or caused change throughout history is something I never appreciated before.  Looking at the Constitution and seeing all the places economic principles were included was especially interesting.  The timeline covering the Great Depression was another favorite section of the book.

This the student book, laid out in 36 easy lessons (yes, easy – economics doesn’t need to be made difficult).  The book as is will constitute a half-credit (Carnegie system) for high school — meeting most requirements for economics in high school.  You can complete this in a semester’s time or spread it out over a whole school year.  To earn a full credit, more work and readings would need to be added.

The lessons are short – but deep.  Within the appendices are additional resources that enhance the lessons.  Within the applicable lessons these are referenced so you will know where they fit.  There are review questions for each lesson, a midterm and a final all located in the back.  The answers to the midterm and final are located in a separate teacher’s key.  The teacher’s key also contains two activities that really enrich the lessons – a national budgeting activity and a game on free trade.  Because things like this are more fun with more participants, I tried to get my children to play.  I had skimmed over the author’s notes about how the game went in one of the classes she taught (I love it when resources have actually been put into use – given real-world testing so to speak).  I knew it was recommended for older students.  After some interesting conversations, we realized my children are just not mature enough to grasp the concepts reinforced through the game.  My 7th grader thought she was getting it — but not quite.  Give her some more time, and I think this will do an excellent job of showing and experiencing free trade.

I am looking forward to using this great economics resource with my children when they are ready.  They will have a much greater understanding than I had!  The author, Catherine Jaime has many more items for homeschool families published as Creative Learning Connection (also the name of her Alabama business for homeschool resources, classes and more)  Having homeschooled her own 12 children for more than 29 years, she knows what she’s doing.  The products we have used have been enjoyed by my children and easy for me — that’s a win!  You can win a whole collection of Catherine Jaime’s resources and a 3 month subscription to A+ Interactive Math — see the Rafflecopter below to enter.

I’m not the only who has been using Simply Put: A Study in Economics by Catherine Jaime.  Other members of the launch team have written reviews, too (some are giving away a copy as well — check it out!).  Head over to Bow of Bronze to find all the links!
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