Summer Food Fun: Enjoy Eating With Your Family


When the warm weather is here, the whole family can enjoy the sunshine (most of the time). With all that running around the garden and afternoon water fights to help the kids (and you) cool off, you are going to be working up quite an appetite. You might want to offer your family more than just the usual supermarket popsicles or an average sandwich. Start switching up meal and snack times a little to make the most of the summer months. The following are some ideas to inspire you to give your homemade meals and family food a boost so that summer is a tasty time for everyone.



Little Chefs

You don’t have to let anyone loose with dangerous kitchen equipment! However, getting the kids involved in the preparation of their meals and snacks is a great way to teach them about ingredients and flavors, and will be a great activity to use up a morning or a rainy afternoon. Summer is also the best time for cold foods, so it eliminates using the oven or stove (phew); you can worry about them making their own bolognese during the winter. You can chop bananas in half, pop them on popsicle sticks, and freeze them. Frozen bananas make a delicious snack on their own; however, to make them into an even better dessert alternative, get the kids to dip them in melted chocolate and sprinkles (for decoration of course). Pop them back in the freezer and enjoy eating when the chocolate has set.

You could add dark chocolate, nuts, dried fruit, and seeds, for a more grown-up version too. You could also check out the best blenders for smoothies on the market and blend your fruit together, for a delicious puree to freeze (yum). If you don’t have an ice cream maker but are keen to utilize that blender, you can create ice cream in no time. Simply pop your frozen bananas, or yogurts that the kids have picked out, into the blender, and ta-dah! Tasty homemade ice cream or frozen yogurt. Again, it’ll be a healthier option than store-bought brands, and it’s a lovely way to spend some time in the kitchen with your kids. It’s also the perfect time to teach them how to clean up!


Garden Fresh Veggies

Nothing beats eating food so fresh it is still warm from the sunshine in your backyard.  Tomatoes are a favorite for eating right in the garden rows.  Have plenty of cooked bacon on hand for easy BLT’s.  Fresh sliced tomatoes, cool lettuce, and crisp bacon make a perfect sandwich when paired with your favorite bread.  We have a keto bread recipe in our Keto Family Cooking ebook that is great toasted and smeared with fresh mayo before topping.

Cucumber slices, cut carrots, and tiny tomatoes are our favorite dippy lunch options.  The children can help pick these in the garden or out at the market and prepare them for lunch.  Homemade or store-bought hummus adds some protein making this a complete lunch.


Fresh Air

Surely you and the family want to get outside as much as possible during summer, to soak up some vitamin D and enjoy the warm summer evenings as the sun goes down. Eating and mealtimes don’t need to be an exception; so grab your plates (compostable disposable plates unless you’re brave) and cutlery, and start dining outside. For simple and quick meals; try various kebabs on skewers on the BBQ. Kids enjoy the novelty of a BBQ as it is, but if you throw a tasty skewer full of food in the mix, they’ll absolutely love it.

Kebabs give you the opportunity to provide a well-balanced meal all in one place, and all with that delicious chargrilled flavor, yum. You can obviously start with your meat option, then start packing on cherry tomatoes, peppers, and even a bit of halloumi for a cheesy twist (if you can find it). Get the kids involved in the prep, then sit outside and devour your delights together.


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