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Supercharged Science a Schoolhouse Crew Review

We have participated in teleclasses offered by Supercharged Science for a few years.  These free classes are offered every month or two.  (May 8th is the next one, Rocketry – register for free!)  We have all enjoyed the afternoon spent learning and being inspired.  Rocket science (amongst other topics) taught by a real rocket scientist, how cool is that?  What could be better than an afternoon of fun science?  Doing science this way every week – as often as you want.  That is just what the e-Science Online Learning Program is.

Aurora Lipper is the rocket scientist behind Supercharged Science.  Her passion and enthusiasm for science learning is contagious.  Just watch some of the sample videos and you can see just how she engages you and your children.  The science is real and solid.  The material presented in a way that children of all ages learn and want to learn.

To get a real feel for the subscription website, be sure to start at the “getting started” page.  The materials are not just videos showing neat experiments.  There is text to accompany each lesson, lesson plans, exercises at the end of each lesson (with answers!).  The exercises are the quizzes or tests that let you and your children see what you have learned.  Most lessons have more than one activity or experiment.  The experiments may sound expensive or complicated.  There are lists of all the items need for each experiment.  Many only require items most of us have on hand.

For those more complicated sounding experiments, the videos walk you through setting it all up.  Not only will see how to get started, but what the outcome should be as well.  Most of our children asked a lot of “Why?” questions during the 2-4 year old ages.  It may have been wearying at the time.  Now, I am wanting them to ask why and Supercharged Science shows them how to find the answers.  The lessons for the various topics/units are suitable for your youngest learners on up through high school age children.  The more advanced your learner, the deeper they can explore the topic.  This one site, one subscription can meet the science needs of your whole family.  Check out the units covered on this page.

A subscription is month to month.  For access to only the K-8 information it is $37/month.  Add in the upper level information (9-12 grades as well as advanced 5-8 graders) for a total of $57/month.  You can cancel at any time.  This works great to use this during the summer or to enhance your traditional curriculum.  Want to know how Supercharged Science compares and fits with many popular curricula, all the information is on this chart.

There is so much offered with Supercharged Science you may feel overwhelmed with all of it.  Your subscription begins with access to the first 6 or 7 units only.  If there is a later unit you would like access to right now, just drop an e-mail with your request and you will have it.  Every few months more of the units become available automatically.  As you work through a unit, if you have any questions at all, the answers are only a message away.  Questions on the experiments or the science behind them, questions about your account or access to specific units, anything at all, they have an answer.  The folks at Supercharged Science provide top-notch customer service.

I hope you can tell just how impressed I am with all the e-Science Online Learning Program has to offer.  Let me share just how we use it in our home.  We have used it two different ways – pick and choose experiments from the units that sound interesting and starting at the beginning utilizing this as our sole science curriculum.  When I first found this great resource a few years ago, we were beginning a study of rocks and minerals.  We used the experiments from Chemistry 1 (Unit 8) to grow crystals, make slime and learn about acids/bases and states of matter.  We only did the experiments we had the “ingredients” for or could readily obtain from the grocery store.

We spent about 6 weeks on this unit and my children still remember so much.  This was nearly 3 years ago.  When you learn about something by getting your hands into it — literally — it sticks with you.  We learned not to be afraid of experimenting.  There is a prescribed way to achieve predictable results.  What happens when you let your children tweak and truly experiment?  Their curiosity is ignited and they want to learn more.

The past month or so we have started with Unit 1.  We have been learning about “the Force”.  Oh, okay, not the force in the Star Wars sense, but forces that push and pull.  We have learned a lot about gravity and friction.  We’ve dropped things — on purpose.  We’ve talked about Galileo and Newton.  We’ve played with magnets.

From a mom point of view, my favorite aspects have been the videos that show the science and the journals we have started.  What may sound all complicated in science-speak becomes much more understandable when those words are not only explained but you can see just what is happening.  My children are all learning observational skills.  They are learning about the “scientific method” and how to take notes, predict what will happen and record results.

My children’s favorite part?  “This feels like playing.”  “We get to change things and see what happens.”  “Science isn’t hard or boring like I thought.”


Thank you Supercharged Science!!

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