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Tuesday Tips: Antibacterial Salve from Pantry Ingredients

Children often play more actively in the free days of summer.  My children wake up and start running at full speed right away (wish I had some of their energy!).  There are trees to climb and hideouts to make – before breakfast.  With all their adventures throughout the day, it is not unusual for someone to get an injury.

Thankfully, most of the injuries are of the “kiss it to make it better” sort.  The second most common are the ones requiring minimal first aid.  Clean thoroughly, apply something antibacterial and a bandage.

My favorite antibacterial salve to use is a homemade concoction of coconut oil and honey.  I stir together equal parts of each and apply to the wound.  A re-purposed baby food jar works well to keep it handy with your first aid supplies.  We also use this for larger injuries that require stitches (butterfly or otherwise).  It is soothing and promotes healing.  Honey has long been used as an antiseptic and for its antimicrobial benefits.  Coconut oil is also anti-fungal and antiseptic.

This honey-coconut oil mixture (HCO) also works great to lessen scars.  We still apply the mixture after the injury is healed to keep scarring to a minimum – if at all.  Why do our children get most of these cuts and scratches on their faces?!?  One of our daughters had a really rough summer a few years ago.  She had many “tracks” across her face.  It took a few months, but now there is no sign.

Not only is HCO effective, it is widely available, too.  I have these ingredients right on my pantry shelf.  We buy honey locally when we don’t have any hives producing.  Coconut oil we try to buy in bulk to keep costs down (and because it is useful for so much!).  In a pinch, I can get a jar of coconut oil or bottle of honey at the grocery store.

We love using our HCO.  It is natural, effective and made from common pantry ingredients.  We haven’t found any drawbacks to using our homemade honey-coconut oil salve.  I hope it is just as beneficial for you!

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