When being busy is bad

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We began our official new school year the second week of September.  I had grand plans for all we were to accomplish.  We also had many hopes for fun memories.  The days started slowly as we tried to find a pattern – a natural ebb and flow to our days.

I could never make strict daily plans (and hope to guide our day by them).  Instead I had a general idea of what should happen between breakfast and lunch and what would follow lunch to be finished in time for afternoon chores and time to play before dinner.  I had goals for certain things each week.  It all looked great on paper…..

Sure, at the end of the week we could check most things off our list.  It still didn’t feel right.  Something was missing.

In the busy-ness and hurry to live life, we were missing the beauty in life.  We no longer stopped in the middle of a lesson because an interesting bird was in the tree out the window.  Nature walks were being done with an agenda instead of for the joy of it.  We were not marveling at creation but checking it off of a list.

I was reminded of one time as a young, harried mother when the Lord spoke to me.  He said “If you make time for Me, I will make time for you.”  Instead of trying to do everything in the short time I had each day, He was telling me to put him first.  I would then gain more time to do what was necessary.

Spending time in the Word is the most common way we think of to make time for the Lord.  I knew, we also needed to be making Him part of all of our day.  Sure, we use curricula that is from a Biblical perspective.  But are we truly seeing Him in all we do or are we just reading about it?

While looking for animal signs by the creek, we need to be noticing His prints, too.  When we turn our eyes towards Him, we start seeing Him everywhere.

I need these reminders.  I enjoy the “God in the Moment” by Ann Voskamp.  It is a perpetual calendar with Scripture and other quotes to keep our thoughts on what matters most, Who matters most.  I had fallen out of keeping my journal of gifts (ya think?!?)  Not that keeping a journal or a calendar are the only ways to see the Lord in the everyday.  It’s just some of the things to help me keep my focus where it should be.

Disclosure: I received “God in the Moment” and “Finding Joy in What Really Matters” by Ann Voskamp from (in)courage for the purpose of review.  All opinions are my own.

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