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10+ Ways the Internet Can Help Make You a Better Cook


Is there anything the internet cannot help you with? If you are in the kitchen, probably not. There is no limit to how much you can improve your home-cooking to better enjoy a wide variety of healthy, tasty meals with your family. Here, we’re going to look at how the internet has made truly great cooking much more accessible for everyone. From sourcing the finest ingredients to learning new techniques to knowing every detail about what you are making and eating, here are a few places well worth starting.



Learning to Cook from Scratch

We all know someone who can barely boil an egg. It might be us, or one of the children in the home who really should start learning to cook for themselves. However, learning to cook from scratch isn’t easy, with the whole range of appliances we have at our disposal these days. Rather than sticking to the ease of the microwave, there are some excellent beginners guides to cooking available on the internet. These can boil things down to the most basic level, from how to use kitchen knives properly to how to boil, simmer, and braise your meals.

Broaden Your Abilities

Once you’ve mastered the basic techniques, you might start to look at other sources of even more impressive cooking skills that can broaden your abilities. The cooking class is a time-tested arena for those who know what they’re doing but want to learn how to do it like a professional. Rather than having to book a seat in a nearby community hub, however, you can just as easily join a true masterclass at your own home. Online video cooking classes can have you learning from some of the very best in the world, including celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsey. Your kitchen might not be winning any Michelin stars in the near future, but it can keep you in the habit of constantly improving your skills.



Planning is the Key

The best way to ensure you’re buying ingredients you will use, and that you have a host of healthy nutritious meals throughout the week is thoroughly plan your meals. What’s more, if you plan a variety of meals using the same ingredients and buy them in bulk, you can save a lot of money when you go grocery shopping. Meal planning apps take a lot of the stress out of having to figure out what you need and how you can use it. By simply inputting recipes, it can help you plan meals throughout the entire week, right down to how many people you need to feed. Creating a smarter shopping list is going to be easier than ever before.  Planning is the key.


Make the Most of What You Have

So, you know how to make good food, you just don’t know what to make. Meal planning is all well and good, but we all get caught short from time to time. You have a few ingredients in the pantry or the fridge, but you don’t know what to do with them. There are a wide variety of online recipe sites, but some of the very best can help you narrow down meals based on what’s available at the moment. You can search these sites, narrowing results with the ingredients you have and get immediate instructions on how to make a top-class dish with them. This is just one way the internet helps you make the most of what you have. Improvisational cooking is going to get a lot more nourishing than mac and cheese.



Local Fresh Food Suppliers

Though you may need to improvise from time to time, keeping a full stock of ingredients is essential for a kitchen where home-cooking is a constant. But what if you have trouble getting the ingredients you want to the standards that you want? Online food shopping has become much more convenient, and not just for canned goods. For instance, there are sites that can help you find local fresh food suppliers and help you order from them directly instead of buying frozen food from the store. You can even find the freshest seafood delivered straight to your door if you don’t have the luck to live by the coast. Whatever ingredients you need, it’s much easier to source them while they are still fresh thanks to the internet.


Reducing Your Food Waste

Spoilage is one of the most common reasons we waste food. It’s a shame, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. At other times, however, it may be perfectly preventable. There’s a big difference between spoilage and perceived spoilage. We often end up throwing out food just because it’s been around for a while even if it hasn’t truly gone bad. Now, there’s a handy online guide to food freshness. It can help you find out not only how long you can keep food, and whether it’s safe to eat food that has been stored for a certain amount of times. It can help you recognize the signs of spoilage compared to other blemishes that might not affect the taste or quality at all.  One of the easiest ways to stretch your grocery budget is reducing your food waste.



Track the Macros

Trusting that your food is good for you goes a lot further than simply knowing when it ought to be thrown out, however. We’re becoming a lot more educated about the balance of fats, carbs, and proteins we need, as well as the vitamins and minerals that should be a bigger part of our diet. Now, you can easily track the macros or nutritional benefits (or detriments) of not only every meal you prepare but everything you eat throughout the entire day. Daily nutritional tracking apps can help you measure calories at their most basic level, but their more advanced options can give you a full audit of your daily eating habits, helping you create a home of much healthier eaters.


Joining a Community

As mentioned above, there are a lot of recipe sites. There are more out there than it’s worth thoroughly searching through. That is why when a recipe site offers something a little different, it’s worth checking out. For instance, there’s this cooking community site that offers recipes, but also encourages its huge user base to take a deeper look at them. Besides rating recipes and offering feedback, users can make edits as well as substitutions, so you can see the little twists that different people make on the same dish. Add your own tweak and make the dish your own.  Joining a community of makers, bakers, and artisans is a real encourage towards developing that signature style of cooking that makes your kitchen the go-to destination for that one meal that can’t be found anywhere else.



Instant answers to your burning questions

Cooking meat isn’t always as easy as it seems. To end up with something safely edible, we often err on the side of caution and leave things a little overcooked. When taking into account different methods of cooking and the differences between models of the same appliance type, it can be hard to know the right timing when it comes to meat.  A meat thermometer can ensure it is safe and cooked well enough. What if you don’t want it too well done?  You need instant answers to your burning questions (or before burning).  The Food Safety site’s meat chart is just the perfect tool for that. When you are cooking meat in a new way, it can give you exactly the timing you need. 


Better cooking shows than ever before

Let’s be honest, when we watch cooking shows, we are watching them to ogle the dishes presented just as often as we are watching to truly learn something. This partly due to the fault of traditional programs. With time constraints and ad breaks, it can be hard to follow along and get a full understanding of the recipe you are trying to learn. Youtube cooking channels have become the perfect replacement for the more traditional cooking show. The creators of these videos can produce recipes much more quickly, can go into more detail, and often even provide feedback based on questions frequently asked. If you want to keep sharpening your skills, subscribe to a few of these channels and you’ll be set.



The Internet is even in our appliances

The smart kitchen might sound like something out of sci-fi. Now, there are appliances that know the timing of different ingredients in advance, can weigh food not just in calories but also nutrients, and can help you get the exact measurements of seasonings to really nail the taste you’re going for. There is a whole host of new appliances being released connected via the Internet of Things. These devices connect to our networks, so they can interface with our digital devices, like smartphones, as well as each other. Before too long, human error in the kitchen might be a thing of the past. Instead of relying on microwaves, we might find just as much convenience in a home-cooked meal.

As deep and as broad a discipline as cooking is, there are many ways you can up your game and the internet is here to help. As tech only gets more impressive and makes cooking more convenient, it is possible that the home-cooked meal might make a real return to homes all over the country.  I hope so!  Not only that home-cooked meals make a comeback but meals eaten together as a family.


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