11 Ways to Make Your Garden Better


Your garden should be a place that you just love looking at. Whether you’re relaxing on your patio with a hot cup of coffee before a long day, or you’re enjoying the summer sun with a good book and not a care in the world, you want to make your garden a place you just love spending time in.


Here, we’re going to give you 11 ways that will make your garden infinitely better. You may not need to use them all, but many of them can certainly help a boring or disheveled garden to come back to life.

1. Level Of Privacy

First of all, make sure you consider the level of privacy that you require. Some people prefer to have absolutely nobody peeking in as they walk past, so they put up fences, gates, and plant bushes/trees/large shrubs to conceal the garden and make it more private.


If you would like to open your garden up a bit more, there are gate/fencing options for this too. Something not as tall or as solid.  Your garden can still look very attractive, so make sure you choose a style you know will stand the test of time and weather the elements.

2. Screen Areas Of Your Garden

If you have an area that doesn’t look great in your garden (don’t we all), then you can easily screen certain areas to keep them out of view. You could use a bamboo screen if you wanted to achieve a more contemporary style, for example. Or a living screen if that fits better.  There’s simply no need to put up with an unattractive piece of your garden, whether you’re hiding a generator, a bin, or something else!


3. Smart Storage For Your Garden

Yes, your garden can have storage too! If you’re the kind of household that seems to acquire junk for the garden, pet toys, power tools, and other things, a garden chest might be the answer. You can get some fantastic looking, smart storage for your garden these days that will look good whatever style you’re going for. It’s a good idea to come up with your chosen style before you start buying, so you can have a definite idea in your head of what you want your garden to look like once it is complete.


4. Choose Potted Plants For Ease

Not a very green-thumbed homeowner? No problem, simply choose potted plants for ease! You don’t have to plan new flowers and plants in the soil for your garden to look good. Choose some beautiful flowers and put them in statement pots and you’ll love the results.  Remember potted plants can dry out more easily, so check them frequently.  


5. Best Flowers For Your Climate

If you do want to plant flowers in the soil but you’re not really sure where to begin, start by learning a little about your soil type and the best flowers for your climate. When you use native plants, you’ll be sure to have the best flowers for your climate.  This way, you’ll be able to ensure your garden looks the best it possibly can year round.


6. Durable, High Quality Garden Furniture

If you’re going to use your garden to lounge in, catch up with a friend, or entertain a whole host of them, you’re going to want some durable, high quality garden furniture. The furniture should be suitable for all of the elements (although you should still cover it over when not in use or the weather is bad to avoid unnecessary damage and wear). Great garden furniture will make all the difference to the look and functionality of your garden. Don’t forget that accessorizing your garden just like your home can work; many people add mirrors to their garden decor and love it! Then you also have things like wind chimes and ornaments that can turn your garden into a whimsical place. Give it some personality and get creative with your furniture and accessories.

7. Don’t Forget About Lighting

Lighting is imperative for a functional, safe, great looking garden. If you’re going to be entertaining in the evening, lighting will help you to continue doing that until you’re ready for bed. It’s also much safer for when anybody in your household arrives home at night time. You can even install lighting just for the way it looks (as well as suitable safety lights), such as fairy lights!


8. Use A Pressure Washer

A pressure washer can easily be rented for a reasonable cost, or you could see if a family member or friend has one that they are happy to let you use. These can be great for your patio, decking, and paved areas. You might not think that they are that dirty, but you’d be surprised at how clean they can come up when you use a pressure washer on them. Just make sure that you have the right attachment to connect the pressure washer to your hose.  

9. Use Different Levels To Make An Impact

Using different levels is something that is recommended inside of the home, just because this is your garden, doesn’t make it any different. Use your plants wisely to create texture and include various levels to ensure your garden looks full and professionally designed.

10. Consider Installing A Water Feature

A water feature can bring aesthetic appeal and a tranquil feel to your garden – as well as draw wildlife closer. However, you might be thinking of something better; like a pool. If you do want to install a pool, you’ll need a reliable company like ABC Home & Commercial Lawn Care to keep it in great condition. An unclean, unhealthy pool is very dangerous, to say the least. You also want to make sure that you have safety features in place, especially if you have kids and pets. They should never be able to use the pool unsupervised.

11. Decide What To Do With Your Lawn

When it comes to your lawn, you’re going to want to maintain it to ensure that it looks its best. This will keep it nice and green. You never want to cut your lawn too short, as this can damage the blades of grass and stop them from looking healthy. You can choose to leave your grass longer for wildlife; they will be more likely to come into your garden if you have places for the critters to hide. Kids love this and it can be very educational for them!  I wouldn’t leave the whole yard longer as ticks like longer grasses.  If you only have a small amount of lawn, cut it into an interesting shape so that it becomes a decorative feature.

And there you have it, 11 ways to make your garden better.  Which tips will you put into practice?

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