2018 Word of the Year ~ Cultivate

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In the past I have sought out a word that would help to reach goals I had made for myself, habits I needed to form (or break).  I maybe prayed about the word I was thinking of – exactly in that order – I picked the word then wanted the Lord to make it work for me.  Hmm, see the problem here?

This year, I didn’t really think I would choose a word.  I have more important things to do than let some randomly chosen word dictate my habits and goals (for a few weeks at least).  Oh, we little people who think we are actually in control.  As I was working on plans for the year, I kept coming across the word CULTIVATE.  I actually prayed for the Lord to let me know if I “needed” a word and would He show me what it was if I did.  I spent a good week praying over this.

Meanwhile, making plans for the garden and orchard, our homeschool, personal goals, blogging and business plans, and homemaking and goals.  You know, all areas of life for a homeschooling, homesteading mama of many who tries to do too much.  Well, suffice to say, the word CULTIVATE was not random or a coincidence (is there *really* such a thing?).

So then I started to really look at what the word means and what it encompasses.  After popping the various definitions into a word-cloud generator, I had this:

Cultivate - good habits, growing gardens, strong friendships


So, clearly, CULTIVATE is a verb.  To nourish, work, tend, and prepare – especially soil for the growing of crops.  It can also be to grow an appreciation for something, such as poetry.  It can be to foster the growth of friendships (I am a horrible friend, I just don’t make time like I should).  Hmm, homesteading, homeschooling mama seeking to raise her children to fear the Lord.  Yes, yes, I do believe this is a very fitting word.

As I CULTIVATE many good habits and practices in our days and lives, stick around.  We may share something that inspires or encourages you.  I have other thoughts about CULTIVATE that I’m ruminating on (for now).

While keeping warm in the cold of winter, grab your favorite seed catalog and dream and plan what you will CULTIVATE in your garden (and life) this year.  May it be a blessed and abundant year!

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