Garden Thoughts Despite the Cold

Snow covered or soil ready for sowing, many of us are thinking of our gardens. Even though we have a few inches of snow, with no melt soon as the temps are still in the teens at best, we’re planning and list making. We are planning to try some new things and return to some old favorites. I’m hoping to finally grow our own brussels sprouts this year – the seeds were sold out last year. I’m also hoping to make some new preserving techniques regular practices (can you say fermentation?).

Do you garden to save money or to eat well? For many of us, it is a little bit (or a lot) of both. This is my favorite time of year because I love planning, learning, and saving. Right now, we can all do just that.

The Back to Basics Bundle has so many resources to grow your skills in all things self-sufficient, no matter the size of your homestead or skill level. It is a savings of over 90% because this collection is only available for a short time. This bundle will be gone Tuesday, January 23rd, so get yours now!

In addition to this great bundle, you can also plan your garden and then save on your seed purchase over at Seeds for Generations. We get seeds from them every year (the five color Swiss Chard grows great for us – and is so good, too!) and have never been disappointed. We’re thinking spring will not make an early appearance, so we’re not starting anything just yet. How do we know when to start those seeds so the tomatoes don’t get leggy before it is safe to start hardening them off? A garden calculator! My friends at Seeds for Generations have a free Garden Planning Calculator.


So what Back to Basics skill are you wanting to learn?  What new thing will you be growing in your garden this year?


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