4 Home Materials for Extreme Weather

At some point in their lives, every home will come under attack from some form of extreme weather conditions. From blustering winds to huge hailstones the size of tennis balls or torrential rain to deep snowdrifts. To avoid disaster and costly home repairs, more durable, weather-resistant building materials are being created to keep us safe, warm and dry in even the most inhospitable weather. So what should you be building your home out of if you want it to survive the test of time and the wrath of mother nature? 



Fiber cement

Fiber cement is a composite material of cement mixed with cellulose fibers. This gives the cement additional strength and durability. Manufactured in a variety of styles, fiber cement can be created to mimic the look of stone, brick or even wood.  With the added advantage of also being waterproof, fire-proof, and anti-rot, fiber cement makes a great option for those who like the look of wooden dwellings but need something more robust.  To get an idea for the versatility of this product check out https://www.nichiha.com/products.



Offering a great degree of strength, stone works very well in windy climates and unlike brick, it can be used without mortar and can support a greater amount of vertical weight. With the natural composition of stone making it excellent at weathering the elements, withstanding fire, and resisting deformation, it is no wonder this material is still so popular. Sadly, stone can be very expensive and so to get around this many builders now use it as a facade on top of their base construction, this provides an outward barrier to the elements and maintains the look and feel of stone without the high material costs.



Steel is a great material that can offer immense support to taller structures as well as provide the versatility to be molded into all kinds of shapes. For fast installation, steel is also easily prefabricated and can be delivered in pieces ready to bolt and assemble which saves time and money. You may not have realized it but people are increasingly building houses out of steel by recycling old shipping containers! These versatile dwellings are strong, robust, windproof, rainproof and can be insulated to withstand any temperature.


Bendable glass

Perhaps the most vulnerable part of any home is the windows. With glass notorious for being a very fragile material the windows are often the first part of a building to be damaged by extreme weather. To try and find a solution that would benefit people living in hurricane-prone countries, experts have developed bendable glass which could revolutionize building practices by providing a material for windows that is up to 200x stronger than traditional glass while still maintaining the same look and feel. 


So whether you’re looking at building an extension, are investing in a home for life or just want to be prepared for the next great storm then consider using these materials in your next home project. 

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