How Cozy is Your Home


With summer coming to a close, now is the perfect chance to start thinking of the season ahead. Cozy nights in with the family, movie nights, roaring fires and the countdown to the holidays is always exciting. Getting your house ready now means you can make the most of these cozy occasions- here are some of the ways you can go about it. 




Curtains are the perfect finishing touch to your windows in rooms like bedrooms and the living room. If you have blinds up you might feel like you don’t need curtains too, but actually, hanging a pair (even if they’re just sheers or dress curtains) can make a huge difference. Even if they don’t physically make the room warmer, they help it to look more homey, cozy and finished. If you do want to make the room warmer, lined curtains pulled shut at night will prevent draughts in the room.



Hard flooring surfaces like wood and tile are perfect for a family home.  They are easy to clean as they don’t harbour stains or smells and don’t wear out in a busy household. However, lack of carpets can make a room feel a little cold and bare, so get around this by laying down rugs. If you purchase cheap rugs you can always use them for a few years and then replace them once they’re worn out- it’s far cheaper than replacing entire carpets. Rugs also help you to create defined areas in your home, useful if you’re using a room for multiple purposes. For example, a large living room can be split into a dining room and lounge area with rugs helping to define each space. 



Having some decorative items dotted around the home helps it to feel warmer and more inviting.  The problem is rooms can also look a little cluttered and lose the clean lines of minimal or modern decor if you bring too much into them. Plants are a great, unfussy way to decorate. They add color and texture and will work in any space regardless of the type of room or theme. A large potted plant and a couple of smaller ones will perk up any room. 



Homes aren’t just about the items we place inside them, but the general atmosphere. You can help to create this in a number of ways. First, get the temperature right- an HVAC heating and cooling company will ensure that your heating system is running the way it should. Next, tailor the lighting so you can set it to whatever you’re doing. Smart bulbs are great for this, you can adjust the colour and brightness using an app or your voice-activated speaker. Finally, making the place smell nice with a diffuser, scented candles, air freshener or other scented products can evoke that real homey feel when you walk through the door. Better yet, something baking really sets a cozy mood.  Fresh cookies, anyone?

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