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4 Steps to a Wildly Successful Morning Routine

It’s important to be productive in the mornings. There is no better way to start the day other than how you mean to continue it. As a homeschooling parent, it’s doubly important. You not only direct your children in starting their day but help them develop their own lifelong habits. The success of your day depends on your frame of mind. Considering, lots of people aren’t with it at the crack of dawn, this is a scary prospect.


The good news is that you are already set up to be successful. According to studies, everything from task-performance to self-control is high in the mornings. As long as you can take advantage of this fact, the lessons will be on point and your children will reap even more of the rewards of homeschooling.


The question is, how do you ensure that you are wildly successful as soon as you open your eyes? The answer is to develop a quality routine that is consistent and repeatable so that you can do it day after day without dropping your standards. Here are the four simple steps to keep in mind that will transform your mornings.  Habits form by being consistent – the longer you keep it up, the easier it will be.


Start Tomorrow, Tonight

The night before is the best time to prepare for the day after. By using a tomorrow list, you can get ready mentally and physically. The latter is a savvy move because you need a plan of attack and the right materials but never underestimate the former. Without the right mindset, it’s almost impossible to tackle the day head on once the alarm starts to ring.


The key is to write down the tasks and then to review them. In the corporate world, this tactic is known as review and forecast and it’s what entrepreneurs use to be productive. Not only does it allow you to prioritize the most important tasks, but it puts your mind at ease. Often, the fear of getting something wrong or not hitting a deadline can stop you from getting a good night’s sleep. With a plan, there is no need to worry or toss and turn at night.


Last but not least, a tomorrow list acts as a dry run. So, when the pressure is on during the lesson, you have some experience and knowledge on which to fall back. Like the majority of teachers, you need to prep the night before to ensure everything goes smoothly the next morning.



Wake Up And Smell The Coffee


Coffee-lovers and addicts need a hit as soon as they roll out of bed, and you may be no different. While too much caffeine isn’t great for your health, it can start your morning off well. Sure, too much of it will have a negative impact, but it’s not as if you drink 20 cups a day (right?). Plus, the shot of adrenaline from the beans gives you the boost you need to get your rear into gear and be productive. It’s a no-brainer.  


However, any cup of Joe won’t suffice. Only the best beans provide the concentrated hit that you need as it’s not mixed with any additives. Instant powder is full of ingredients that take away from the organic nature of the beans, meaning you won’t get as much caffeine in a mug. The answer is to invest in quality machinery and ingredients. When you use a Moka pot and finely ground beans, you get some of the best smelling and most powerful cups of Joe around.  My eldest daughter is not only a coffee connoisseur but it has helped her to focus and combat her ADHD.


If this is too much hassle in the morning, you can use a standard coffee machine. Try and take it black also as the milk dilutes the java and weakens its impact.  Or you can make it bulletproof.  Even if you are not eating keto, MCT oil (or coconut oil) adds even more to your morning cuppa.  While I understand the benefits of a cup of coffee, I choose tea for my morning starter.  Another option is the Morning Motivator or Maca Coffee.  This is a caffeine option with premium maca powder as its base.  This is a versatile, delicious way to start your morning well.


Usually, with my second cup, I sit down with my Bible.  This is the one “don’t miss” part of my day.  Even a short study, reading the Proverb that matches the day’s date, etc. puts my mind in the right place.  I am not a morning person, I save heavier studies for later in the day.



Blow Off The Cobwebs


While getting plenty of rest and drinking coffee are ways to feel refreshed, there’s no better option than to blow away the cobwebs. Exercise is essential regardless of the time of day, yet it has major impacts in the morning. For one thing, it produces serotonin which is the mood-inducing chemical in the body and promotes a positive mindset. Also, there is the fact it relieves stress and tension.


So, working out in the morning sets you up for the day ahead but what are the best ways to maximize your time? You want the activities that get the blood pumping and release adrenaline; however, you don’t want anything too strenuous. If this is the best time for you, be sure to choose a good post-workout refuel.  Otherwise, you run the risk of burning out halfway through the day. With that in mind, yoga is a perfect morning partner. From the cat-camel stretch to the downward facing dog, you’ll be pumped.  We have been using DDP Yoga – it’s a good blend of various types of exercise which can be done at any fitness level.


Other than that, you may want to try going for a walk or a light jog. As well as the exercise, you get the added benefit of the fresh air as well as being out in nature. Our best homeschool days are when we start with a walk – PE and nature studies? Check!  Don’t forget that working out in the morning will help you (and your children) get a better quality of sleep too.


Track The Results And Review Them


Creating a morning routine is half of the battle. To be productive, the plan has to be successful or else you won’t benefit. You can work out in the morning, yet it won’t have an impact if you’re not doing enough. The same goes for drinking coffee and starting tomorrow tonight. The results will tell you whether you need to tweak something or carry on.


If you’re not sure how to track and review them, begin by understanding your body. Often, a morning routine makes people feel healthier in mind and soul. For example, you won’t suffer from fatigue or breathlessness. If you’re not experiencing these advantages, there’s a chance something has gone wrong. Also, take your objectives into account. When you’re not completing them to the timeframe or the standards you set, it’s time for a new approach.


Of course, your goals need to be measurable in the first place. Otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to tell if you’re failing or succeeding. So, be sure to choose targets that are concrete.  The first thing I noticed was not needing a nap in the afternoons.  Or falling asleep while reading aloud.  Ahem.  Surely I’m not alone there?


With the proper morning ritual, your and your children will experience the best possible homeschool day.


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