Beat Pregnancy Anxiety With These 4 Hacks


Pregnancy is a stressful experience. Not only is there the responsibility to eat and live right, but new moms tend to worry about what happens next. Who are we kidding – every parent is anxious no matter how many kids they have. Avoiding the pressure associated with pregnancy is vital because the worrying could cause health issues. For one thing, too much stress can result in high blood pressure levels, and there is a chance of a panic attack. Both mom and baby are better off when mom takes it easy, chilling out and doing little until the big day.  But there is so much to do when preparing for labor and delivery.


Hopefully, these hacks will help you find the perfect balance.


Touring the Hospital


A lot of the stress relates to birth itself. One thing that is constantly in the mind of mothers-to-be is the quality of care. When labor strikes, you want the best doctors and nurses by your side to ensure everything goes smoothly. Choosing them well ahead of time and creating a birthing plan should put your mind at ease as it will cover every base. Plus, it will include your plans B, C and D in case A isn’t going to work. A tip: choose a hospital and physician you trust, one that makes you feel comfortable.  Too late in pregnancy and changing doctors is not recommended (or easy to do).  You’ll be spending more time with the nurses anyway.  Touring the hospital is a great way to feel more comfortable in the environment.  Even if this is not your first baby, visiting the hospital beforehand goes a long way in reducing stress. 




Avoid Talking About It


Although broaching the subject is an excellent way to come to grips with the process, it can also be scary. Unfortunately, not everyone is subtle and they will gladly regale their horror stories or the ones they have heard from friends or read about or. . . Anyone who suffers from anxiety doesn’t need to listen to these sorts of things as they only make things worse. Steering the subject to a new topic is two-fold. Firstly, it avoids the tales you don’t need to hear, and secondly, it takes your mind off the pregnancy. One of the best ways to relax is to forget about it altogether (to a point).





Your home is your castle and it should be the place where you the most comfortable. However, things change and being pregnant means certain features aren’t suitable. From the colors on the walls to the furniture, everything should be as pleasing or soothing as possible which is why comfort needs to come first.  If you need to change out your seating arrangements or add a comfy chair or rocker, do it.  Other tips include switching blinds for curtains or setting a better mood using music and soothing tones.  This works not just for the nursery, but your main living space as well.  If you have other children, you will likely be in this space more than tucked away in the nursery anyway.  Making the space comfortable is good for the short term and long term.




Understand Your Body


Contractions hit and you’re suddenly in panic mode. As quick as a flash, you and your partner are in the car and on the way to the hospital. On arrival, a nurse tells you they are Braxton Hicks contractions and it was a false alarm. Imagine going through this scenario multiple times during your pregnancy – you won’t have any nerves left. Bloomlife’s guide on how to time contractions is the solution as it will help you filter out the “fake” contractions from the real ones. Moms need to know what is normal for early labor symptoms and what is just expected during pregnancy.  Even with my sixth baby, I still had doubts when I was really in labor.


Remember that everyone is different and how you beat anxiety is a personal choice.


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