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4 Ways to Make Your Home Cozy


With August well underway, before we know it autumn and cooler weather will be back which means one thing- it’s time to get cozy! There’s nothing nicer than coming in after a chilly day and relaxing in the warmth of home. To achieve this we need to ensure our home is ready for the season. We might still have a few weeks of summer left to go, but if you plan ahead you can do a bit at a time. Start now and you can make your home cozy by the time autumn comes. Here are some ideas!

Stock up on warm scents

Warm scents add fragrance and ambiance to the home.  You can add cozy smells by diffusing essential oils or lighting candles.  Beeswax candles are my favorite pick for being allergy-friendly.  There are a growing number of options for candles that are less likely to cause headaches and other reactions but these better quality brands are not cheap. If you want candles to last you throughout the season, you could look through Yankee Candle sales or even on eBay, or buy one a week. By autumn you will be all stocked up, ready for the cooler nights spent under a blanket with a flickering candle and a pleasant scent filling the home.


Get the lighting right

Getting the lighting right is so important when you want to create a cozy atmosphere at home. You will need to start by choosing lamps and light fixtures that work well with your theme, sites like sunpan.com have plenty of classic and unique options available so choose something that fits your style. A good overall light can be supplemented with a table lamp near your favorite reading spot.  You could use smart bulbs which allow you to easily adjust the brightness and warmth of the light, right from your phone or even using a voice-activated speaker like Amazon’s Echo.


Add soft furnishings

You might have a big and comfy sofa but the addition of some cushions and throws will make it so much cozier. You can buy soft, mink style throws on sites like eBay that wash really well. Ikea has tons of cushions and cushion covers to offer, or check out your local homeware store and invest in these kinds of things. Rugs and sumptuous curtains all add to the cozy factor so don’t overlook the finishing touches.  Curtains do double duty in helping the warmth in as outside temperatures cool, too.


Clean and declutter

Finally, a home that looks clean and feels fresh is always going to show your decor and furnishings in the best way and will be pleasant to spend time in. Chances are you had lots of visitors over the summer.  Add in children and pets traipsing in and out of the house and your floors need a good cleaning. You might have had so many activities going on that the house has been a little neglected. Spend time touching up paintwork, you could hire a carpet cleaner, and spend a weekend getting rid of mess and clutter. A big deal is made about spring cleaning; I feel fall cleaning should be a thing, too.  Your home will be at its best when you are spending more time indoors again.  It will be a relaxing and cozy place to spend time.


Autumn really is my favorite time of year.  Are you looking forward to the weeks ahead when the weather cools down again? What tips do you have for making your home as cozy as possible?

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