Getting the Children Used to the Idea of Moving


You and your husband have decided – it’s time to move. It may be to move to a bigger home, or closer to family.  Perhaps there is a better job opportunity or a better school environment.  Whatever the reason(s), it is happening. To you, it’s a no-brainer. Sadly, the children won’t agree as they love their life. No parent wants to make their children miserable – the move is often for their benefit – which is why it’s important to help them adjust. Here’s what you need to do.


Treat Them Like Adults

Often, children rebel because they don’t feel included. The adults make all the major decisions, ones which impact them, and they get zero say in the matter. Now, asking them for their opinion won’t eliminate all of the tension. It’s safe to say they’ll still be emotional and unhappy about the prospect of moving. At least the children won’t believe their opinions don’t matter. It is incredible how treating them as grown-ups and taking the time to listen to their concerns encourages them to be a bit more mature about their emotions.


Involve Them In The Process

Again, children like to feel involved. Armed with this knowledge, you can soften the blow by getting their assistance in choosing a moving company and packing boxes. The people at are that good, they can deal with children! As well as incorporating them in the process, it takes their mind off the move in the short-term. When they are choosing new furniture for their bedroom and a color scheme, they won’t have time to worry. It’s a sneaky trick, yet it works wonders. In whatever way you can involve them, do it and keep them as busy as possible.


Have A Conversation

Everyone knows the best way to get over something is to vent because frustration and sadness lead to stress. Kids aren’t mature enough to understand how to best deal with their emotions, which is why you need to help them. A conversation where they ask questions and you answer them can appease them as it takes away the scariness. There isn’t as much unpredictability for them to worry about. You can use this post to get them talking. The “be the example” tip is an excellent tip as it shows them it’s okay to open up and be vulnerable.


Visit The New House

Children like routine. They want to know what they will be doing and when so that there are no surprises. To take the unknown element out of the move, take them to visit the new house so they can have a look around and explore their new yard. The home won’t be ready, but it will help them get used to the idea. They can begin visualizing and imagining living there. If possible, let them visit their new house as much as possible leading up to the moving date for extra exposure.

How do your children feel about moving? How will you get them on board? 

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