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Oh! How I Love Homeschooling, Let Me Count the Ways!


5 things to love about homeschooling

With all the love in the air, and chocolate and red and pink lining the aisles at my local Meijer, I was feeling quite blissful while doing our weekly errands.  Four of our six children were walking the store with me, and they are very entertaining.  They had been helping each other, showing kindness to other customers and being quite loving.  But was it the influence of the atmosphere, or these 5 things to love about homeschooling?  Oh! How I love homeschooling, let me count the ways!

Christ Centered

First and foremost, our homeschool is Christ centered.  We begin our day with Scripture and seek to be God-honoring in all we do, both homeschool, homestead and homemaking related.  We choose curricula and literature that agree with the Bible as fact.  We use Mystery of History and TruthQuest to guide our history studies.  We use Apologia as the basis of our elementary science learning.  We are careful with our literature selections to not choose books that promote pagan beliefs.  We encourage Christian character through various studies.  Colossians 1:10 is more than source of the name of our website, it is the verse that guides our decisions to be a Christ centered family. “that you may walk worthy of the Lord, fully pleasing Him, being fruitful in every good work and increasing in the knowledge of God;” NKJV

Delight Driven Subjects

As the children grow, they are developing strong interests that are not necessarily shared by their siblings.  Because we homeschool, we are able to indulge their time to study these delight driven subjects.  Sometimes, this is as an elective, such as photography for our oldest daughter.  For another daughter, she is focusing on horses during an overall biology study.  For my sons, the more they can move around and keep their hands busy, the better.  This usually comes out as LEGO scenes while Mama reads aloud for history.  Whenever we can tailor the topics, books and method used to their interests, they are more eager to learn.  I also think they will learn more, not just on the specific topic, but build better pathways in their brain that extend to all areas of learning.  I also encourage them to do age-appropriate research.  I not only want them to learn facts, but to know how to learn and think for themselves.

Time Together

Surprising as it may be to some families (at least by the chatter on Facebook), we all actually enjoy being together.  We look forward to working on projects together, as a family.  As a larger-than-normal family, I am aware of our children’s need for individual attention and time to be alone.  Despite this, they seek each other out to play or work on their own projects together.  Is our joy in time together due to the time we spend together during school time or do we choose to spend time together because we are together for learning time?  Does it matter which is the cause and which the effect?  I don’t really think so.  I hope my children continue to enjoy time together throughout adulthood, not as a family duty, but our of genuine love and friendship.

Learning Experiences

Like many other families that live like we do, we work on many homestead projects. Which of course count as homeschool projects because we are always learning something.  Families that do not homestead might spend more time on field trips or historical re-enactments or sports or outdoor adventures.  Besides the time together, these are all learning experiences.  When we choose to homeschool, we open up more time for these fun family times.  Or maybe the fun time and school time overlap, the distinction is blurred.  Because homeschoolers tend to view life as a grand learning adventure, we seek out more of these learning experiences.

Our Own Schedule

Rounding out my top five things to love homeschooling for my family, we can make our own schedule.  Currently, my husband leaves for work around 5 am.  Two of my daughters choose to get up to help in making his breakfast, packing his lunch and seeing him off to work.  We then get started on our day.  The early risers can jump right into their independent learning, like math or grammar.  By making our own schedule, we also can choose when we take breaks and school vacations.  When others are beginning the school year, we take the whole month of August off.  We are generally in the thick of harvesting and putting by the bounty from the garden.  Having the flexibility to school when we want has been a great benefit.  Planning school around homesteading needs is not the only benefit to making our own schedule.  We can plan vacations or field trips around less crowded and less expensive “off seasons”.  We are free to assist a family member or neighbor in need.

If you ask 100 homeschoolers (parents or students) what they love about homeschooling, you are likely to hear 100 different answers.  You can read some responses to this topic by clicking the image below.

The things we LOVE about Home Schooling

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  1. Keeping Christ in the center, and being in charge of our own studies and schedules were our top reasons to choose homeschooling as well.

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