7 Tips to Create a Home Perfect for Children


A massive shift in the parent-child relationship took place over the past fifty years, and not too many people seem to mention it. In the old days, parents were respected and the children were obedient. Now, the children have no respect for anyone – parents or teachers, and the parents are afraid of their children not liking them.  We give what they need, what we feel is best.  And one of the best things you can give them is a home that helps them develop socially and creatively. Below, we take a look at seven ways to create a type of home that meets your children’s needs.



Get Things Organized

Many of the most influential parenting roles seem to fly under the radar. Take organization. This is actually one of the biggest indicators of future success, it’s that important. If a child grows up in a stable, organized home, they are more likely to do well in the future. If they grow up in a messy, chaotic space, then they are more likely to have issues later on in life. I was amazed to learn that.  As such, one of the best gifts you can give your child is simply making sure your home is orderly and clean!


Play Time

Everyone should play more, and that includes adults. It stretches our mind, releases tension, helps us to discover new ways of doing things, and so on. It is far more than just wasting time in a fun way! While you allow your children to play, it might be in a controlled, organized way. As in, they can play for an hour before dinner, but when that time comes around, they will need to pack up their toys. If you have space in your home, it is worth creating a “play only” room. Your children will be able to get as creative and messy as they want and everything is all contained in one room.


Peace of Mind

Children understand much more than most parents realize. Sometimes, it doesn’t matter what you tell them; if your tone or mood indicates something else, they will know it. If you are tense in the home or always worrying about what they are doing, then they will naturally pick up on that mood, and reflect it themselves. While the point can be debated, it is better to be carefree and happy than tense and worried! So make yourself relaxed around your children. Learn how to childproof your home, and you will be able to rest easy knowing that your kids are safe. It might sound like a small change, but it can make a big difference!



Outside Spaces

Children love to be outdoors! When you see them playing in nature, it can often feel like they have more in common with the family dog than they do with us. But they shouldn’t have to wait until you go for a trip to the park to enjoy the outdoors.  They should have access to it on your property. Take a look at your yard: is it set up to be good for children? If not, make the changes. If there’s some grass to play on or trees to climb or play under, they will be able to have hours of fun.  “Never be within doors when you can rightly be without.” ~ Charlotte Mason <– one of my favorite quotes!


Creative Bedrooms

Who knows what your child will do in the future? Will they be a doctor, a lawyer, or, dare we say, an artist when they grow up? If it’s the latter, they may well look back one day and say “it was my bedroom that sparked my creative fire.” Or at least they will if they sleep in an inspiring bedroom. There are enough bland colors on the walls of the world. When it comes to their bedroom, get a little out there. Funky lights, wall murals, and bright colors all around will feed their creative side. It may serve them well in the future!


Ready to Learn

But of course, life isn’t all fun and creativity. It’s about knowledge too. Children generally are not always drawn to the more logical side of life. But in the right circumstances, they might happily – almost accidentally – wander over there. Fill your home with books, don’t make the television the key part of the living room, and they might instinctively learn a thing or two.  Encourage that curiosity!



Add a Pet

Finally – it’s a big one – what about getting a pet? There are benefits of owning a dog for the whole family, but especially children.  They learn about caring for other creatures, always have someone to play with, and learn responsibility. It may be a good idea if you are in a position to own one.  They come in all sizes and needs – you are sure to find one that fits yours.  


These are the things above and beyond the necessities.  Once the basic needs such as love, nutritious food, and clothing  are covered, these ideas can guide you on where to spend your time, money, and energy.  Please, do not feel as though you are a failure if you are not doing any of these extra things.



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