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Apartment Living with Kids


There are many advantages to apartment living. For some, it’s the only way that they can afford to live in a city center location. It can be more cost-effective, depending on the area you can get more home for your money with an apartment. Living in an apartment can also be more cost-effective when it comes to utility bills like heating. Apartment living can also be hip and cool. You can create a trendy space to live in, and the perfect base for your city life. 


But, most of us have moved passed apartment living by the time we get married and have children. Apartment living might be a cool lifestyle for a singleton living and working in the city, or a young couple with no commitments. It might be the perfect place to host trendy dinner parties or chill out after a late finish at work. But you might not think that it is ideal for families. You might prefer to give your children more space to run around. In a perfect world, you might choose to raise your family out of the city, in a large house with a flowing garden. Unfortunately, life doesn’t always go to plan, and more families are embracing apartment living. Here’s how to do it well.



Try to Make Life Easier


When you are on your own, you just try to get by. You might not mind not having the most space or the best facilities. You might be okay with walking up six flights of stairs every day. But, when you have kids, all that changes. You will undoubtedly want to make sure there’s a working elevator. But, you might not always be able to make changes to the block itself. So, get what you need. A lightweight stroller or baby carrier can make the stairs easier for a start.

Bathing children, doing laundry, and running the dishwasher are all typical activities for most families.  But this can use a lot of water in a short amount of time.  Depending upon the plumbing setup, you might want to ask about a water pressure booster.  These are just a few possible scenarios.  Think about the problems that you might have and try to find solutions to make life easier. 


Install Smart Storage


The main reason that apartments and kids don’t mix well is space. Kids have a lot of stuff, and apartments don’t have much space. So, you will need to get smart and creative with your storage. Use the height of the walls with high shelves and hooks. Add dividers to drawers and cupboards and hang things on the back of your doors. Find any way you can to save space, and try to keep things tidy. 

Even if everything “has a place”, if the children aren’t on-board, tidiness will be a struggle.  Each child having their own space is key.  Every child does not need their own bedroom, just a personal spot to keep things of their own in a shared and multi-purpose space will go a long way to harmony and neatness.



Make it Fun

Another reason you might think about moving from an apartment to a house is a lack of garden or yard. In an apartment, you can’t let your kids run around outside to burn off energy. So, give them a fun space inside. Make sure they love their bedroom, give them as much space to move around as possible.  Using a loft system for the bed can free up precious space to add a craft corner and other kid-friendly zones. Even a shared bedroom can have fun and personality.  Encouraging fun in the kitchen and instituting a family game night are other ways to add fun without needing sprawling space. 

Still want more of the outdoors and green space?  You could add window boxes to your patio or balcony to grow flowers, vegetables, or salad greens. Or create an indoor garden space with herbs in pots on the window sill or a “smart garden” or other micro-hydroponics system. 


The key to any living situation is to make the most of what is good.  When something works for your home, your family, let that be a focus.

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