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Attic Attack: How to Make the Most of Your Loft Space


Lofts in your home can be so awkward, can’t they? When you’ve worked to upgrade the kitchen, bathroom, lounge and bedroom, the last two places in the home that can be changed or upgraded are the basement or the attic space. The thing is, the attic is known to be awkward in terms of the layout, from the way the roof lies to the fact there is a staircase going through the middle of the room. However, carving out that extra living space can be everything that your home needs to boost its value and create a place of serenity without having to sell up and start again.

There are a few challenges that you will have to address before you get started on an attic conversion, and these will include assessing the insulation situation and figuring out how to repair a Mansard roof. There are some common loft dilemmas that you will need to deal with, and here are some of the ways that you can work past those dilemmas:

Assess. When you are choosing to upgrade your attic, you need to assess the space that you have first. You need to know every nook and cranny of the attic, especially if there are winding passages and low eaves. You can check out the furniture in the rest of your home and see how it compares to the measurements. For example, measuring the attic space and then comparing it to the bedroom can help you to figure out whether you can transform your attic into an extra guest suite.

Embrace. Once you’ve figured out your space, make a choice about who in the house is shifting upstairs. Young children can benefit from the romance of a loft bedroom, especially if it’s a little bit of space to use – children love small spaces! Otherwise, you could turn the crowded attic into a teen hangout and give your older children a space of their own.

Storage. Moving someone into the loft is going to mean that you need to create areas for storage. Having a bed with storage built underneath it is going to mean that you can have a functional space that looks beautiful, too. Built-in storage makes great use of the low-ceiling space under the eaves.

Color. An attic will eventually have a skylight built in, which means that there isn’t going to be too much light flooding through. Think about painting the whole thing white and adding white flooring or carpet to it to brighten it up. The color that you paint your attic is going to have a positive impact if you are lightening it up!

Your attic doesn’t have to be a space that is overcrowded with boxes and unused items. Take the time to make it a functional space in the home, and you end up with something that not only adds value to your house but makes it far more interesting to you while you live there! Upgrade and enjoy.


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