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Brinkman Adventures Season 6: Underground Rising ~ Homeschool Crew Review


As much as we have loved the previous seasons of the Brinkman Adventures, I shouldn’t have been surprised at how much we loved this newest season. I think it is because our youngest is getting to an age where he is really getting drawn into the action and the story.  There is something contagious about the excitement of a child.   Season 6: Underground Rising is the first adventure for us exploring history.  We have may have had flashbacks and recollections in the other Brinkman Adventures we’ve listened to, but not to the extent that we experienced with this season.



There are four different stories told throughout the two discs.  In each disc, there is a two-part story and a shorter story.  Each disc runs a bit over an hour (the tracks are roughly 26 minutes).  We received this not as a physical set but rather an MP3 download.  This made it so easy to add to my phone to bring with us while running errands or working in the garden.  Season 6 starts off with the Dutch Underground in World War II.  This is not the typical adventure, but a historical recollection.  We begin with Kate and Kitri going to visit their great-grandmother and she begins telling them the story.  She is from the Netherlands My mother-in-law’s family is as well so this was a fun connection for my children.  What made this even more fun for us was exploring the Real Stories section.

The next two tracks offered a bit less-intense stories.  Amongst the serious of the stories were laughs as well.  Track 3, also known as Chapter 57 Twice Born Fly may have been a bit predictable, but was just as enjoyed.  The next story was set in India with a missionary family.  We have friends who are living in India so enjoyed this peek at life here.  As with many of those that serve in similar areas, their identities are changed.  We were reminded to be praying for both our friends as well as the family featured in this story.

The last two tracks to finish out this season are also a two-part story.  This time, we are in Thailand and Burma (or Myanmar).  This is an area where there has been much turmoil and conflict.  We have been following this as well.  I have had a prayer burden for the people here for years.  This is a story near and dear to my heart.  The story of Dave growing up and wanting to be in the Special Forces also intrigued our oldest son.  His dream is to be a soldier.  We were able to use this story as a springboard to being open to wherever the Lord leads you.

Our children noticed that this season is shorter than the others we have.  I have mixed feelings on this.  We enjoy these adventures and hate to see the end of each one.  Now that end is much sooner.  On the other hand, we’ve had to wait a while between adventures.  If they are now shorter, they could be released more often (theoretically).  We could be enjoying the next one sooner!  While the length may be shorter, the quality and the storytelling has not been short-changed.  Whether we are diving into history or more current events, serious issues or laughs, we will always recommend the Brinkman Adventures as a top-notch, family-friendly, faith-building audio drama.


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