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With the expense of post-secondary education, and six children, we do not just assume and plan for college for each child. For some, the college and career path seems obvious.  But what about those children who really don’t know what they want to be when they grow up?  How do you plan for that?  Financial concerns aren’t the only ones when you homeschool either.  We need to ensure that they are learning what is needed for their next steps, whatever it may be.



When we learned of the CashCrunch Careers from CashCrunch Games, we were looking forward to all of those unknowns becoming more clear.  Would our son be a good fit for military like he is leaning?  What about our daughter that wants to be a personal chef?  Or the daughter that wants to be a veterinarian?  Or the other daughter that doesn’t want to be pinned down to anything right now.  The first step for all of them was to take the survey.  The survey only took 15-20 minutes for my teens, a bit longer for the 12 year old.  Even though age-wise he fit, I think he truly was too young for some of this.

Once the survey was completed, the results were available.  This could be downloaded and/or your child (or you) can navigate through the website to see various fields and how your job attributes could fit into that field.  At first, each of our children had similar-looking results.  Upon closer inspection, it became clearer that while some things overlapped, they also had some clear distinctions.  Traits you would expect of first-born children were present in our first-born.  By combining the results of this personality test (with their motivators, etc.) and their known passions or leading from God, a path can be made.  This path might begin when they graduate your homeschool, or be worked in throughout their high-school years.


Once you start looking into the types of fields you could go into with the matched careers, you start to really see the benefit of what CashCrunch Careers offers.  They not only show how your attributes fit, but also some of the specific tasks and activities would be in that particular role.  Shown below is the page for Advertising and Promotions Manager.  While it seemed that my children all received the same results – some sort of manager, further exploration of their passions as well as where their attributes differed, let us see just how varied their career options are.  For the younger two of our four children that took the survey, this look at all the various areas that their personalities and attributes were a good fit for gave them much to think about.  They are both doing further research into just where they could go with their schooling.


The second and third tabs on this page are where my older girls spent the most time.  They are at the stage of getting prepared for college or technical school or apprenticeships.  We found resources and potential schools for both girls.  One of the possibilities shown has recently closed their nearby campus.  With lifetime access to the website and their careers report, I feel we just stumbled upon the page before it had been updated (it is a very recent closure).  I fully expect this information to serve them well not only now, but in the future, as they think about further training or other directions to take their careers.  With a good, strong foundation, they will be poised to transition should the need or desire arise.

Also on this page detailing information for a specific career, you can see the U.S. Department of Labor’s outlook for that job.  Is it a job that will be in high demand?  Will there be only a small supply of that job in the future?  These details can often sway your child’s decisions.  After investing the time and money into training or college, the best options for (more than just) a job are what the end goal is.  As the folks at CashCrunch Careers point out throughout their website, you spend so much time at a job, doing your job, day-in and day-out, putting some effort into narrowing down possibilities before even applying to universities makes a lot of sense.

Many Crew families reviewed this unique subscription for career guidance and planning.  While aimed at our children, this could even be used by a parent re-entering the workforce.  Check out all the reveiws by clicking the image below.



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