busy month of May

I’ve been a little neglectful in posting here. We’ve been a bit busy with finishing up school and trying to do a deep clean. I have found I have way too much stuff laying around to actually deep clean. So we’ve backed up a step to de-clutter and clear out the excess. We tend to keep a lot of things ‘just in case’. Well, so far we have rarely done anything with these things so they need to be freecycled, Goodwilled, or just trashed. Actually, we do have one more option. No, it is not hanging onto it–just in case 🙂 In our area we will be having a Junk in the Trunk sale to raise funds for midwifery in our state. We are still struggling to get a bill passed to legally recognize CPMs and all of the training and hard work they do.

I have also recently found out that I was selected for the next voyage of the Homeschool Crew. I am really excited about the opportunity. I will be posting my reviews here as well as on my Facebook page. I hope they will be of benefit to others.

This week we have been scurrying about getting things ready to have a birthday party for our middle daughter and only summer baby. She will be 5 on June 1st so her party will this Sunday. It is a family party with all of her grandparents and great-grandparents and a few aunts and uncles. I hope the weather will be beautiful as forecast as we will be outside. I hope you all enjoy this late spring/early summer weather. Blessings!

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