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WeE-books from The Old Schoolhouse

I have read some of the new WeE-books from The Old Schoolhouse-a wonderful collection of quick reading, easy to download mini e-books.  There are currently over 40 titles to choose from, each at just $1.95.  They are written by a variety of authors–Dr. Ruth Beechick, Deborah Wuehler, Dr. Carl Wieland, and others recognized from the pages of TOS and the homeschooling world at large.  Just in a quick perusal one can find WeE-books covering specific topics such as the Iditarod or entymology; WeE-books directed at parents or meant for their students, young and old.  Their are WeE-books focused on specific subjects–arithmetic or history–or broader subjects–classical education or the state of public schools for Christians.  I have also seen titles covering natural cleaners, summertime boredom and homeschool graduates persuing careers or college.
Encouragement for mothers is one of my favorite covered topics.  The "Me Time" Myth was such true and for me timely advice and encouragement.  I really needed this check in my search for "me time".  I also enjoyed the WeE-book titled A Light Unto My Path.  I have always struggled with getting deeper into God’s word.  Not only was this a great topic, but I hope to use it as a pattern for my own studies–giving me a template of sorts to dig deeper.  I also loved that I could print off some copywork pages.  There are several verses with the lines beneath ready to print and go.  If you know my love for using Charlotte Mason techniques in our homeschool, you know this is something I get very excited over.

I know not all of my friends homeschool.  Many of these selections are not exclusive to homeschoolers.  If you are curious about homeschooling, most of the selections I have read have at the end 2-3 pages covering how to begin homeschooling with links to further information.  I encourage you to check into WeE-books.  There are many titles to choose from and only $1.95 each, you may want more than one.
Here is the link: WeE-books from TOS

Oh, I almost forgot my two favorite things about any E-book.  They usually take up little space on your computer and you only need print them out if you want.  I haven’t printed any of these WeE-books yet.  I just noticed that I can download covers to put in a binder making my own book of WeE-books.  It will probably get as much use as my homemade recipe book 🙂

Thanks for reading this.  I hope you enjoy your new WeE-book!

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