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I don’t know if it is the age of my son (11 – and a half) or that he is a boy not so fond of or confident in his reading, but one thing he does love is reading graphic novels (you know, comic books, ahem, but better, or something).  I don’t know if it is due to the smaller chunks of words or that they are usually action-packed, but they are the one type of book he regularly checks out from the library.  When I was younger, I had a comic book collection; they were not exactly wholesome.  As graphic novels have become more popular, the genres covered has expanded.  My son has been reading a graphic novel that I am more than happy to have residing on our home library shelves.  Captain Absolutely from Focus on the Family.


 Captain Absolutely
You may be familiar with the character Captain Absolutely from Adventures in Odyssey. The creator of the comic strip is Wooton Z. Bassett, also a character from Adventures in Odyssey. This was confusing to my son at first as we are not regular readers or listeners to Adventures in Odyssey. He has been learning about authors and illustrators so he was checking that out for this new book. Thanks to the internet we found the information about the Creator of his new favorite book.

The origins of Josiah King becoming Captain Absolutely and his battles in defense of Truth, a truth new to him, make this a great story for all ages. And all ages here have thoroughly enjoyed our copy.  Right at 100 pages, the length and format have been perfect to build my son’s reading confidence – not to mention the exciting storyline. In the pages following the story, we found six pages detailing the characters, both friends and foes. I really like that the specific episodes where some of the characters appear are listed.  We will be seeking those out for future listening.  There is also a two page spread of “Big Questions” which reference the relevant portion from the story.  Those have been fun to discuss as a family.

Captain Absolutely may seem to be fun book (don’t get me wrong, it is) but there is much more.  Encouraging children to defend Truth while building their reading confidence are huge in my book.  We have several of the Imagination Station books from Adventures in Odyssey, but that is the extent of our experiences with this part of the Focus on the Family division. We’ll be looking further into other resources from Adventure in Odyssey.

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Captain Absolutely {Focus On The Family Review}
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