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It’s the busy season – back to school means field trips and more frequent visits to the library, in addition to our regular errands and trips to town. Anytime we head to town for errands, we know we’ll have at least an hour. What better way to spend that time than listening to something fantastic. Of course, this means an audio book or audio drama. We have been enjoying the latest audio adventure from Heirloom Audio Productions, Captain Bayley’s Heir.


Captain Bayley's Heir
After polling my children, we completely agree, Captain Bayley’s Heir is our favorite story from Heirloom Audio.  This is a wonderful story of God’s grace.  You could say, Amazing Grace.  In fact, the song figures into the story in a few places.  The story begins with the Bayley family in England.  Rather than fighting a false accusation, one of the young men heads to America.  This is where the true adventure begins.  Traveling up the Mississippi and heading to California during the Goldrush, Frank, the young man has trials and endures.  In part, due to his traveling companion, Abe.  Abe’s wisdom and Godly counsel are the most directly we have experienced the Gospel in any of these Henty dramatizations.

We all always appreciate these dramatizations of the great books by G.A. Henty.  Often, my younger children entertained more than educated.  The older girls pick up the character lessons and connect the historical facts.  With Captain Bayley’s Heir, my younger children were not only fully invested in the story but were carrying on the conversations started by the false accusation, doing right and God’s grace.  They certainly weighed in when the actual culprit was revealed.  This one surprised us all.

There is more to the story than the adventures of young Frank in America and the rest of the Bayley family in England.  The title, Captain Bayley’s Heir is actually quite important to the full story.  We learn that Captain Bayley had a daughter that ran away and married.  He has been searching for her.  As the story cuts between America and England, we learn that she has been found.  That she has had a child.  Not only this but that the child is actually known to our beloved Bayley family.  I will not reveal anything further so as to not spoil this wonderful story.  Suffice to say, while this part of the story has less action, it is just as riveting

My children were surprised that I did not use Captain Bayley’s Heir as a springboard for “more proper” schoolwork.  I need to remember to do that more often.  What’s a sure sign you are a homeschooling mom?  When you plot and plan where every resource and time spent fits into a transcript.  Sometimes, things can be just for fun.

While we enjoyed this audio adventure on its own, we have previously used the accompanying study guides.  I looked through this study guide and was reading aloud some parts as I prepared this review.  My older daughters were surprised at what they didn’t recall.  The “listening well” segment of each section is where comprehension is covered.  From the very first section, my girls had some confusion.  Hmm, maybe I need to keep a copy of the study guide handy even when we listen “just for fun”.  The more in-depth segment, “thinking further” brought about lively discussions as I reviewed a few pages.  The study guide is written for the audio drama which I put at a level suitable for my older elementary and middle school learners.  Available as a bonus resource with the Live the Adventure membership, you will also find the full book by G.A.Henty available to download.  It is colorfully illustrated and in an ebook format.

One of our favorite aspects of the audio dramas from Heirloom Adventure Productions is the feeling of listening to a movie.  I think this story has the best sound quality of them all.  We’ve always been swept away by the story, but this one really pulls you right into the action.  With a decent sound system or headphones, you can really hear the movement.  I was amazed.  We had first listened in our van as I mentioned.  The next time was through the speakers of my laptop. But then, after reading another’s experience with the headphones, we tried that out.  Wow!  The quality is really that of an epic movie.  It leaves us looking forward to the next release, whatever it may be.


Captain Bayley's Heir {Heirloom Audio Productions Reviews}

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