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Math is one of those subjects your children either love or hate. It is one subject that is difficult for me to teach because my children do not always “get it” by my explanations. Math is the one subject I am happy to hand over to another teacher.  Not teaching my children their daily math does not make me a bad homeschooler. To the contrary, it makes me a great one.  Ever since our introduction for our first review of CTCMath a few years ago, that other teacher has been Mr. Pat Murray, founder of CTCMath.


My favorite part is that I do not have to teach or grade

I don’t know what is my children’s favorite part, Mr. Murray’s accent or that the lessons are short and to the point. It is rare that a lesson, presented via video, is more than 5 minutes. The lesson is followed by questions, typically 10. Within those questions, there may be more than one part to the problem. My favorite part is that I do not have to teach or grade. Weeks may go by when I only review the work my children have done. If they are understanding the concepts, doing well on the questions, then I don’t need to do anything. It has been so nice to move that off my plate.  And, we have one math curriculum purchase for the year, our CTCMath Family Membership.  This has covered our needs from kindergarten to high school.

I can quickly see if I need to step in

My children are free to work on their math independently, meaning they don’t need to wait for me to be finished doing focused reading with their younger brother in order to be finished with their school work for the day. I can quickly pull up any child’s profile to see when they logged in and what topic(s) they worked on and how well they did. If it took them a couple of tries to get the desired 100% on their questions, I can see that, too. I can see what score they received on their first attempt and their highest score. It will also show how many attempts were completed and how many were needed to pass. The default passing grade is 90%. For some of my students, I have lowered this to 80% for a short time for the purpose of boosting their confidence. When multiple attempts are taken to complete the questions for a topic, the average result is their score for that topic. They may also enter by stars what their understanding level is. I can quickly see if I need to step in and go over concepts with them or if it clicked during their session(s).

CTCMath has the flexibility to meet my students’ needs

I love how we can customize my students’ experience with CTC. In the earlier grades, they can click on the speaker icon to have the question and where applicable answers read to them. This way, my seven-year-old can work on his math at the level where his math skills are, not the level his reading skills are. I mentioned adjusting the percentage for a passing score. I can also assign topics and due dates. When I use this feature for my children it is to ensure that they are understanding a topic before moving on. Sometimes, that means the 6th grader is assigned a topic from the 5th-grade level to complete before doing the same topic at the 6th-grade level. From the beginning, we have had the ability to choose any topic from any level. This has made it easy to review a lesson on a difficult topic, stepping back for an often easier explanation to build upon. We have yet to find where this method has not worked.  CTCMath has the flexibility to meet my students’needs.


CTCMath is a truly great value for homeschool math curriculum for our large family

All of my children are using CTCMath in some capacity. With the family plan, we have one price regardless of the number of children signed up. I only needed to email customer service to have our youngest son added when he began doing formal math. He has been working above grade-level from the beginning. We have utilized the diagnostic tests to skip over areas he is proficient in. He either “tested out of” or completed each lesson for K and 1st grade before finishing his kindergarten year. Using this online curriculum made that process so easy. I cannot imagine purchasing books and moving through them so quickly. I would feel as though we hadn’t received our money’s worth. CTCMath is a truly great value for homeschool math curriculum for our large family.

As if CTCMath wasn’t a great enough value, you can get 60% off + 6 bonus months.  This offer is good through November 15, 2017.  Not sure if CTCMath is for you?  You can take advantage of their trial offer to try some of the lessons at the level of your choice.  Read more of the Homeschool Review Crew reviews by clicking the image below.

CTCMath Online Math Tutoring {Reviews}

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