Curriculum week at the Not Back to School Blog Hop

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In my quest to post more regularly, and to share what we are doing here in our homeschool studio, I am participating in the Not Back to School Blog Hop hosted by Heart of the Matter.

This week is all about what curriculum we will be using. We are still finishing up some things from what most would call last year 🙂 Since we ‘school’ year round and try to keep things relaxed and fun my children don’t really know what is school versus what is just our normal day. I kind of like that. 😉 If my children were to be enrolled in grades (thankfully in our state, little bookkeeping is required) they would be starting 4th, 2nd and 1st grades. The eldest boy will not be 5 until mid-December, but we will begin more intentional school for him. We try to keep everyone together for as many subjects as we can. This year we know for certain that will include:

History and Geography Mystery of History II We are still trying to finish up with volume I. I know M4 is going to love vol. II with knights, etc. We plan on adding in many books from the library and taking our time, just as we have done with volume I.

Science Apologia’s Exploring Creation with Astronomy. We are finishing the Botany next week and will continue right into Astronomy. We really like the conversational style of these texts. I like the prompts included as narration starters. This also helps me to stop before our lesson gets too long.

Bible and Copywork (combined) �We have been using Grapevine Studies and plan to continue on through the New Testament. I like to use scripture for copywork. I will just pull a verse (or passage depending upon which child it is for) from our lessons. I love using abcteach for this. We like to use Italic as our handwriting font. This is one of the fonts abcteach has in their members’ section for their handwriting worksheet creator.

The next subjects/areas each child does at their own level. �Most of the curriculum is the same, just used at different levels.

Phonics/Reading/Spelling We were blessed to use Rocket Phonics as part of our voyage on the TOS Homeschool Crew last year. �It was such fun and worked so well, we will continue/begin for all of the children. �We also received All About Spelling and a couple of the new readers that go along with AAS through All About Reading. �We will continue using these resources as well. �I like how the programs complement each other. �If it works, why change?

Math This is one subject we will be ordering all new for everyone. �In the past, I have used a living math approach along with Miquon books. �I really like this approach and feel that my older girls have a good grasp on the concepts. �One area that this approach is weak in is drilling of math facts. �Upon request from my dear husband to use something stronger for math, we have selected Singapore. �We have not used this yet, but it comes highly recommended. �I plan to continue incorporating living books for this subject as well.

Penmanship/Handwriting I have not used a real curriculum for this area either. �As our eldest daughter is wanting to learn cursive and our son will be just learning to print, I want to order a real curriculum this year. �I hope to get this from Rainbow Resource.

Those are all I have plans and/or curriculum for so far. �We will also be adding in whatever Download N Go studies we receive to review. �I would love to add in Artistic Pursuits. �I also need to schedule in a hymn study and composer study as I’ve read about on the Simply Charlotte Mason site. �I am also checking into something formal for PE. �I know, we are a homesteading family with livestock that our children do most of the daily care for. �We have a few acres of fields and forest for them to explore and build forts in. �I know they are fit. �It is their coordination I am concerned about. �I have seen them all (attempting to) throw a ball intending to hit a target in one direction only to have the ball somehow land in a completely different area. �If I have some sort of plan in place, this may also help with all of those winter days when hours of free play just aren’t possible for burning off their extra energy. �I am also wanting to teach my older girls to sew. �I like to start with hand sewing before introducing them to the machine.

Somewhere among all of that, I hope to pull out some of our dear old friends from our last time through Five in a Row. �I think our S2 and M4 will enjoy their own ‘school time’. �I may even be able to have an older sister help with this. �I will be a bit reluctant to move this off of my list though. �Snuggling on the couch with a little one and books I remember from my childhood are what made me fall in love with this lifestyle of learning.

How about you? �What are your plans for the new year? �Next week’s topic for the Not Back to School Blog Hop is School Room or wherever you ‘do’ school. �I cannot wait to see what everyone has to share.

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