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Easy Ways to Make Your Garden Feel More Private


If you want to make your garden feel more private then there are many options available. From built structures of wood, stone, or brick to simple or elaborate plantings – and other options in between.  Most of them are affordable, so you can implement something right away and enjoy your new found seclusion.



Plant for Privacy


Freestanding pots can be a great way for you to get some privacy. The best thing about this is that you can move the pots at any time you want, and it also stops certain plants from overtaking your garden. This option can fit any budget, from over-the-top with many large, lush plants in decorative pots to smaller starts or scattered seeds planted in found objects, allowing for growth. If you aren’t sure what plants you need to invest in then bamboo is a fantastic choice. It has great screening capabilities but if you leave it then it can run riot, becoming quite invasive. For this reason, it’s the best option if you have a lot of freestanding pots or boxes.


Living Wall


Privacy can easily be achieved if you have some climbing plants. Sometimes a simple trellis is all you need to really bring out the true look and feel of your garden.  An obvious choice is vines with coiling leaves but you could have flowers as well. This will provide you with a very pretty screen and it won’t look too obvious that you are trying to increase your privacy. Ivy, honeysuckle and even clematis are all fantastic options.





Hedging is one of the best ways for you to create privacy but if you do not stay on top of it then you will soon find that it becomes overgrown or that you see holes. If you want to get around this, you may want to look into a quiet electric chainsaw. This is a great way for you to get the exact look you want for your garden and it also gives you the chance to have complete control over your own privacy.





If you don’t have the ability to invest in a hedge or even a wall of shrubs then you can easily create your own privacy curtain. You can create your own wooden structure, and then hang a very thin curtain over it. This is great in summer because it helps to block out some of the heat, and it also gives you the chance to experiment a bit as well. If you don’t want to go too extreme, then consider opting for a curtain that is translucent, or silky. This will make your garden look very luxurious and it can easily be taken down if needed.





You don’t just need to think about being seen because you also have to think about being heard too. Water features are a fantastic way for you to really add some ambience to the garden and it can also really cheer up your space. You can even invest in a sound system because when you do this, you can have some background music playing and this can stop you from feeling as though everyone can hear your conversation.  It can also help to mask noise from beyond your yard, say a busy street or noisy chickens.


These are just some of the options.  Longer term planning with outbuildings, earthworks, or plantings, such as an orchard, can add even more to your privacy.  I can just imagine a sunny day in my own version of a “Secret Garden”. . .





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