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We are halfway into our homeschool high school experience with our eldest daughter and beginning with daughter #2. The one thing that has been challenging is science. This daughter is not college-bound, not strong in the underlying mathematics needed for rigorous high school science. We are putting together our own course of study for her science requirements. But there is that word, requirements. There are certain things expected to be covered, but they need to be covered in an interesting and engaging way. That is where this online chemistry from Fascinating Education comes in. Fascinating Chemistry is a high school chemistry course that is the spine of my daughter’s high school chemistry course.

Fascinating Chemistry
The 18 lessons of Fascinating Chemistry will be covered throughout the course of the school year, working out to be two weeks per lesson. We could easily cover this more quickly if wanted/needed. The lessons are printed as a video. Actually, they are more like slides coordinated with the audio. You can download a pdf of the script of the lesson, allowing the learner to read along or highlight. Highlighting this script vs. writing separate notes worked great for my dyslexic daughter. The full lesson presentation ends with a summary of what has been covered. The full lessons average 45 minutes.  At first, I thought the instructor’s voice would start to sound monotonous and make it hard to concentrate.  After listening for these last several weeks, I no longer think so.  Not only have we been fascinated by what we are learning, the younger siblings are hanging around to listen and watch, too.

What we have been doing is first watching the lesson in totality – taking in the slides as we listen. Yes, we. I am really enjoying The second time through, with printed notes in hand, my daughter takes only a few segments at a time. She spends time looking up any words or things not understood before moving on. This second time through takes more than one session. The neat thing is that (when we use the same computer) it remembers where my daughter was. Next, we do a lab — thus far this has been something pretty basic. I have not looked ahead, but if we need to alter a lab to better suit what we want, I feel confident in that. Not to make it something easier, but perhaps adding to the planned lab or using something else to illustrate the same concept in a way that is more relavent to our family. Our goal is not solely to meet a requirement, but to show our children how things work, why and why it matters to them. The last component of each lesson is a test. This can be done through the website, or printed and completed on paper, which is what we’ve been doing.   The labs, and PDFs of the tests, along with the answers, are available for the teacher to access with a password.

Fascinating Chemistry

Thus far, I think Fascinating Chemistry has been a great fit for this daughter. The lessons are presented in a combination of ways so that all learning styles are reached. Even though the set up does not keep track of any grades, or what lessons have been completed, this has not been a problem. That being said, this could be an issue for some of our other learners. Maybe those learners will have better skills at keeping track of their work by the time they reach high school. A mama can certainly hope! One option is to print off the course outline and mark things off there or use it to make a sheet for tracking completion of the lessons.

Fascinating Chemistry feels less rigorous than other science we have looked at.  Some of their results from use in a school setting and the resulting rise in standardized test scores make me think twice though.  It could be that Fascinating Education has found the perfect mix of presentation style (audio/visual and plain English) with nicely broken down information, there is not too much at one time.   With access for a full year, the ability to access from various devices and the decent price, this is on my list for go-to resources. for homeschool high school.

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